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Another portfolio review please...

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Message edited at 03/29/2013, 16:14:51 PM by Robinstockphotos
The last time I had requested for one, I had around 50 online. I think this is time for another "slap on the face" like Parkinsonsniper said somewhere. :)

I don't mind any level of criticism. I realize I have been up here a bit late so I'd like to get it right before I go way too wrong. So keep it hard and point out every minute negative point that you find out.

Newbies, PLEASE don't hesitate to suggest or criticize. Ideas count, not just equipment and experience.
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Message posted at 03/29/2013, 17:07:27 PM by Wisconsinart
I would suggest stronger concepts. But instead of just saying "Concepts should be stronger" let's provide you with a challenge:

Create 20 images for EACH of the following concepts:

1. Education
2. Business
3. Relationships
4. Home
5. Medical

I think you will benefit by having a focus. It will also force you out of your comfort zone because you're doing more of what interests you. The five subjects can all be done without models.

If you get bored or have trouble thinking of the next idea, by all means take a break and go back to doing a few images that are fun for you.

Hopefully the challenge will help you to learn how to change gears.
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Message posted at 03/29/2013, 23:52:15 PM by Robinstockphotos
Getting right to it. Thanks! I shoot randomly and usually just upload if I bump into good concepts.
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Message posted at 04/17/2013, 04:59:40 AM by Twindesign
I think you have to many subjects that are already covered to well and most are not better than already online. Your Photoshop work also looks a bit unrealistic. There are some great tutorials online to get amazing realistic results. You have some earth doom scenario's that are done much better already like this one: 18623371

You also have a sun image but look at this one: 27735939

Witch one would you buy?

There are also water drops in your port:28916257
But if you look at the competition it's not hard to find a cleaner and better looking one: 3647841

You also have some 'dull' looking images that would be much better if you make them 'pop' a bit more. Take this one: 27136917

Copy the layer. Make it a LAB color. Put this layer on overlay and about 30-50% transparency. See what happens. I would advice to bring back the color of the background and make the green leaf look fresh and green but not fake green. Just enough. I've just done it on this image and it makes a huge difference! You can do this with many of your images. You might think the image is not 'dull' but try this and then flip it back to how it was. You will be surprised.

There are hundreds online already from most of your images. Try to find the gaps in Dreamstime. So I would advice too see what is online already and if you can improve or do it better.

Hope this helps and you are not offended.

Good luck
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Message posted at 04/18/2013, 03:49:30 AM by Robinstockphotos
@Twindesign: Thanks a lot! I was waiting for a honest review like you just did. Offended? No way. Call it benefited. :)
I'll try the LAB color method you told about. Haven't tried that out so far. Most dull photos are pretty old...when I was too new and feared "overfiltered" rejections too much.

I'll take care of the points you mentioned. Thanks again.
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Message posted at 04/25/2013, 04:55:08 AM by Parkinsonsniper
Should I write my ideas, too? :))
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Message posted at 05/07/2013, 07:49:19 AM by Robinstockphotos
Parkinsonsniper, not now. I'm busy with exams. :/
I'll let you know on Facebook when I need ideas and have time to try them out. :)
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Message posted at 06/10/2013, 15:42:45 PM by Psilentrain1

Originally posted by Wisconsinart:
Quoted Message: let`s provide you with a challenge:Create 20 images for EACH of the following concepts:
1. Education
2. Business
3. Relationships
4. Home
5. Medical

Glad I ran into this post! Challenge accepted.

I will ask for critique when I feel like I have something better than the garbage in my port. lol.
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Message posted at 07/13/2013, 11:42:07 AM by Tridgers
@Psilentrain1 I've just had a look at your portfolio and you have some great photos there. Don't be so hard on yourself. It's probably best to build it up further though before asking for advice.
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Message posted at 07/25/2013, 18:29:30 PM by Vcarmstrong
Actually, you have some very nice stuff in your portfolio. I will agree with a previous poster that a few of the images have some unrealistic photoshop work. I would also agree wiht a previous poster that you have a lot of stuff in your portfolio that has a lot of competition.

Here is another tip to make that landscape photo ... easiest thing in the world. Create a new layer in Photoshop, set blend mode to soft light, adjust to desired opacity. It almost always improves a landscape photo.
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