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Camera and lens question

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Message posted at 04/06/2013, 00:43:00 AM by Sleepylog
Does anyone here shoot their stock photos with a Canon 1100D and kit lenses like I do?

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Message posted at 04/06/2013, 02:08:06 AM by Igordabari
Hello. My camera is not 1100D but 350D (which in fact is the almost the same) and my lens is generally Canon 18-55. Most of images in my PF were done with this kit.
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Message posted at 04/06/2013, 03:33:33 AM by Dewers
There is no reason at all that that setup will not work. Remember it is 99.99% photographer .01 camera and lens
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Message posted at 04/06/2013, 13:02:59 PM by Miraclemoments
Your camera will work fine. There are contributors using Canon G11 or SX10 cameras.
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Message posted at 04/06/2013, 15:47:13 PM by Afagundes
Sllepylog I started with a rebel and the same kit as you and the images were quite ok for stock.
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Message posted at 04/06/2013, 17:01:32 PM by Sleepylog
Thank you all for your encouraging words. I actually love the camera, it's the lenses that frustrate me, especially the 55-250mm one. Its image quality really starts to deteriorate quite fast once you pass the halfway point of its length. The 18-55mm is not a bad little lens though, I just wish the maximum aperture was a little wider as I love night and portrait photography.

I've had a lot of photos rejected because of lens issues and I don't have the financial means to buy a expensive lenses, although I've heard the 55mm f/1.8 lens gives decent results so I've just bought one of those on ebay and am waiting for its delivery. I can't wait to play with it.

You all have great portfolios by the way, it's nice to see such seasoned photographers encouraging us less experienced ones, thank you!

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Message posted at 04/07/2013, 07:34:07 AM by Robinstockphotos
Don't go for a new lens! Get some sales here and then when it feels good, buy something new.
Use the long shutter like 30s with a tripod and should give you pretty great shots. :)

Software can correct EVERY single lens problem except bad focus and make it useful for stock. Let me know in a comment about what problems you are facing, I would be glad to help you out.
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Message posted at 04/08/2013, 13:07:11 PM by Tomstox
The 55-250 is a basic lens and no amount of software can correct a soft lens if the detail isn't there to begin with otherwise no one would buy expensive lenses... That said its very good value for a canon zoom and I'm sure you'd be able to get some good shots on it.

You could also consider selling both your lenses and getting the 18-200, as a more premium lens it has a profile on Canons DPP software so it can use the Digital Lens Optimiser so you don't have to worry about any lens aberration in the future...

The 50mm 1.8 is great, just be careful of your focus when using it fully open as the depth of field is very small... Also it's very fragile, my autofocus has broken after 2 months...
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Message posted at 04/08/2013, 14:08:28 PM by Nikon4004
Do not be afraid to purchase a used lens from KEH, E-Bay or Craigs List. A lot of local camera shjops have a nice selection of used equipment also Off brenad lenses are fine in most applications too. Ishoot with 2 Nikon bodies and have 2 Sigma lenses along with a Nikon 18-55mm 2.8 Keep shooting and uiploading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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