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Planting a backyard garden

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Message posted at 04/22/2013, 19:03:21 PM by Tempestz
New article posted: Planting a backyard garden
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Message posted at 04/22/2013, 22:00:30 PM by Fredbro
Nice little post! It's true that we often tend to think that we need to go far to get some nice pictures. Our backyard is the 1st place we should think of, and it's a good place to practice photography too!
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Message posted at 04/23/2013, 12:33:04 PM by Laurasinelle
Nice image! And yes, we need to take advance of little things that we have around, like the flowers in our backyard!
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Message posted at 04/23/2013, 15:32:09 PM by Cousy86
Nice one!!!Good idea to combine backyard with photoshooting!:)
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Message posted at 04/23/2013, 17:45:30 PM by Egomezta
Great blog, thanks for sharing.
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Message posted at 05/03/2013, 22:10:57 PM by Tempestz
One of the challenges I have with Macro photography especially in the backyard is wind. This is my Kryptonite. Patience is a virtue and if you wait you will be rewarded. However, the changing light limits how long you can wait and the quality of the images. If anyone has some creative suggestions to minimize the impact of wind, it would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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Message posted at 05/04/2013, 13:10:52 PM by Infokus408
great idea! it gives you a chance to do time lapse photos too.
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