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Disable "Editorial" criteria by account

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Message posted at 04/25/2013, 14:59:52 PM by Lakeshore

Can we turn "editorial" off permanently for our account?

We've been running into problems with artists using editorial images by mistake and a lot of times we don't catch it until the layout has been signed off and we're getting ready to download it, which causes such a headache at that point and we have to start all over. We also deal with a lot of freelancers, whom we have to train and remind unsuccessfully each year to not use Editorial images.

I know you have a "Save Setting" feature, but it seems to be specific to each computer and not to the account.

Perhaps you can have a drop down that lets you disable a criteria either by account or just by computer?


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Message posted at 04/25/2013, 17:10:16 PM by Tupungato
This idea makes sense from a contributor point of view. I've seen some of my editorials used as commercial images.
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Message posted at 04/26/2013, 04:55:08 AM by Parkinsonsniper
It will be another step forward to create account based rules...but I think disabling "Editorial" images for every computer is not that hard or time consuming.
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Message posted at 04/26/2013, 11:54:15 AM by Lakeshore
If we were using only a few computers to search, you're right, it wouldn't be difficult, but there's about 40 people who could be searching at any point and our IT guys also update computers at random times, so there's a high chance that someone could forget to disable the "editorial" criteria and click "save Settings.

Here's another alternate suggestion. Can you do what ******** does, which is to make a specific watermark for Editorial photos? This way it's really obvious that it's editorial and there's no need to mess with the programming of the website. See link below.



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