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Organizing work flow

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Message posted at 05/27/2013, 10:42:54 AM by Chanevy
How to you keep track of your images during post processing? I have sort of a process worked out, but I am not sure how to "file" my images as I go through. I am losing a lot of time due to not having things well organized and not being sure which images are done or where they are on my hard drive :-(
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Message posted at 05/27/2013, 12:50:57 PM by Matthiase - member is an admin
I just name a folder for a particular shoot. Ex "Male green t shirt outside". Then I let the computer order all the folder by date.

Every shoot has a own folder and name, brief description as title.
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Message posted at 05/27/2013, 15:35:36 PM by Astormfr
Aren't you using a software like Lightroom to catalogize your files with keywords?

That is the way I do and then it is really easy to find the type of photo I am looking for.
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Message posted at 05/27/2013, 18:45:40 PM by Chanevy
So far I have just been uploading them all and auto filing by date...thank you to both of you for sharing. It is helpful.

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Message posted at 05/28/2013, 03:27:47 AM by Clearvista
I just upload all onto desktop after a shoot into folder "to edit". I then edit as and when and move to "edited" folder on desktop. Edited are ready to upload. When i upload any files I transfer them to "to go on stocks" Any accepted files then get moved to the folder "stock images" May not be the best way, but I like it :)
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Message posted at 05/28/2013, 04:41:00 AM by Miketea
I just accidentally deleted 600 of my edited jpegs so I get to start my workflow form scratch!
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Message posted at 05/28/2013, 07:22:09 AM by Psilentrain1
I am starting to get overwhelmed by my LR catalogs, so I am slowly moving toward a modified version of THIS.
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Message posted at 05/28/2013, 07:37:01 AM by Frinz
I divide the photographs into three categories: those to be changed, modified ones and not sent, and those sent over the network.
Within these categories will divide them into many folders traceable to the shooting date.
to trace them there are so many software with which to do this easily.
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Message posted at 05/28/2013, 10:26:12 AM by Imagerybycharly
Though everyone finds their own way of doing things that is comfortable and works for them, here's what I do.

I use 1 catalog in Lightroom 4.4, though I have also a Lr 3 catalog, cuz I have that version also. I try my very best to immediately, after imports, to give generic overall keywords to the images. The reason for this is I dump all images into 1 folder w/o any subfolders. Like New Shoot 3 and let it accumulate about 3,000 images or so, then start a new folder; New Shoot 4. For special trips, I will create a new folder for on import stating such: i. e. Northern Trip.

After I've done the generic keywording, I go through all the images. I rate 3 to 1 stars (3 being good, 1 being ok though not good, reject really bad images and pop the keyword "Stock Image" on those I think will be good. Under Collections I created a Smart Collection for images needing work and those submitted. For those needing work, I gave the rules: Keywords > Contains > Stock and Label Color > Is > None. For the images submitted, after I export the image to DT folder for upload I color label it Blue. So that collection rule is: Label Color > Is > Blue.

The great thing about Lr Collections is it does all the sorting for you. Just put the rules the way you want them and all images that follow those rules will be in one neat place w/o having to scour a lot of folders to find something. And... They still remain in the original folder! So if you have an image in a Smart Collection and not sure what folder it is in, just right click on it, then select go to folder in library and voila you are at the folder.

Hope this all makes sense as I'm a tad busy at the moment and typed it quickly. ;)

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Message edited at 05/28/2013, 11:08:27 AM by Suyerry
Wow some go through a lot to get finished product online I guess. I just use 4 files...

Waiting to be edited
Dreamstime Accepted
Dreamstime Rejected

"Waiting to be edited" - This is where I put the files after a ******** that I think are good enough to be accepted. Once I edit them and they are ready to be submitted I put them in the "submitted folder".

Once they are submitted to dreamstime out of the "submitted folder", they remain there until they are accepted or rejected by dreamstime. Then as they are done so, I put them in the rightful folder "Dreamstime Accepted" or "Dreamstime rejected"

For me this is a easy process. However, I don't do 100's of pics a week like some people do. And Once a week or so I backup my accepted files to my backup hard-drive. Everything else is sent to another hard-drive.
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Message posted at 05/28/2013, 11:45:17 AM by Bogdanzagan
Lots of folders with an Excel file in each folder. The Excel contains title, description and keywords.

So far it works just fine.
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Message posted at 05/28/2013, 21:39:34 PM by Afagundes
I download my images to folders organized by date, month and year.

I create a folder, corrected images inside every folder with the original images and place the edited version there.

Whenever an image is accepted I use Canon Zoom Browser to add a keyword, DT to it.

If I ever disable the image, I take the keyword DT out.
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Message posted at 05/29/2013, 03:45:30 AM by Pindiyath100
Ok here’s how we get our pictures done.

We go out shooting during public holidays and weekends.

After returning home, first of all we would download picture folder from the memory card to the desktop into a folder after naming the folder according to place where the pictures were captured at with actual date.

Then we would select the pictures that we feel worth uploading to DT and transfer them into a folder marked ‘Pictures to Edit’.

Post processing follows and after PP, they get transferred to a specific folder named ‘DT Pictures’ on a external hard disk.

Upon getting rejection notification and if the image(s) are not worth resubmitting, we would remove them from DT folder.
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Message posted at 06/05/2013, 12:06:57 PM by Chanevy
Lots of good ideas here. Thank you so much. I will probably go with some version of the not edited, edited,submitted/accepted folders and start adding keywords before uploading. When/ if I need to refine that system I will check back here again!
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