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I had a dream..

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Message posted at 05/29/2013, 02:54:28 AM by Gnomius
This morning I woke up and my last dream what I remembered was dream about Dreamstime.. I found out that I just made my first sale... I had a smile on my face, but it was just a dream.. so I finnished all my morning duties and checked Dreamstime... ...I was laughing!!! I found out that My First Image what was accepted, was sold...

In last half year I havent got any time to upload pictures... but now I have a nice motivatin!!! My first $2.27 for my wedding rings..

Thanks a lot to that Person who bought it.. they just made my day!! :))

   Wedding rings   
And thats a winner...
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Message posted at 05/29/2013, 03:08:49 AM by Pindiyath100
hey big congratulations to you on your sale!!! Keep dreaming and you'll have more. ;) :)
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Message posted at 05/29/2013, 03:16:03 AM by Komar
Nice dream! I'm wondering about how many people dreamt like that, only to wake up and discover they had no sales. :)

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Message posted at 05/29/2013, 03:52:38 AM by Murdock2013
Hi Valentin, Its was a lovely dream but I think it does not have to be as you have sold a beautiful image which I can see many more on this one.. Keep them coming!!! Also it was a credit sale which will give you loads of motivation as it was your first image sold... Well done!

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Message posted at 05/29/2013, 05:26:01 AM by Clearvista
Oh great-well done . A dream come true. Good luck for future sales. If you dream about lottery numbers tonight please contact me.
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Message posted at 05/29/2013, 05:43:12 AM by Lftan
Congratulations :)
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Message posted at 05/29/2013, 05:44:06 AM by Celiaak
Congratulations and keep dreaming...
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Message posted at 05/29/2013, 07:50:16 AM by Suyerry
Congratulations, beautiful image. So happy for you, that your dream came true! :)
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Message posted at 05/29/2013, 08:27:08 AM by Kkamlesh
Congratulations!! Nice image.. And probably you can keep us in your dream next time :)

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Message posted at 05/29/2013, 08:52:50 AM by Mike2focus
Beautiful photo! Congrats!
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Message posted at 05/29/2013, 09:29:36 AM by Lenutaidi
Beautiful image!:)Congratulations!Keep dreaming and keep uploading!Good luck in the future for sales!

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Message posted at 05/29/2013, 13:08:23 PM by Bobbrooky
Well done, keep on keeping on!
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Message posted at 05/30/2013, 04:30:57 AM by Lejoch
Congrats and good luck for your next sales!
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Message posted at 06/06/2013, 09:26:41 AM by Gnomius
Thanks, I had couple hours last week to check my pictures.. I desided to add 3 more portraits of my wife.. all accepted.. :) nice..
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Message posted at 06/06/2013, 19:35:08 PM by Mcrobie
Congratulations. That first sale is a memorable one :)
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Message posted at 06/08/2013, 21:50:04 PM by Robinstockphotos
Congratulations! the first sale is special. :)
Well, I'm dreaming about wedding rings.
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Message posted at 06/12/2013, 15:00:23 PM by Jmphoto
Always exciting to get you first sale - Best wishes for all those to follow!
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Message posted at 06/12/2013, 23:00:06 PM by Myersct
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Message posted at 06/14/2013, 04:14:49 AM by Alvera
In the last week I have 4 dreams with a flat histogram. Anyone here who can give me a clue of the meaning?
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