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I cann't use the photos I bought as icons on facebook

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Message posted at 05/30/2013, 10:57:37 AM by Ornakamin
I bought the following:
- dreamstimesmall_15553258.jpg
- dreamstimesmall_27437369.jpg

Then, I found that in order to use them on facebook as icons for landing page, I need the photos in the following size: 111X74 pixels

Can you please convert these photos for me, so that I can use them?

Thanks and all the best,
Orna Kamin

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Message posted at 05/30/2013, 15:57:11 PM by Suyerry
You can do it easily using Paint which comes with all versions of Windows on your computer. Here is a link that explains step by step....

Shrinking a image using Paint in Windows

Otherwise you can probably contact the photographer and see if they will do it for you by going here.....


and here....


Hope this helps!
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Message edited at 05/31/2013, 00:40:49 AM by Igordabari
Also, one may avoid to deal with any graphic editor and leave images without any changes. Instead, one is able to introduce some mnor corrections in the HTML code. Namely, to set height="74" width="111" in corresponding IMG tag.
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