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Im loving this.

New article posted: Im loving this.
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Posted: 06/14/2013, 07:10:54 AM
I agree - without fun in what we are doing - what's the point?
Congrats to the 6D and special congrats to the 40mm pancake - I love that lens ;) --- ideal for amusement parks
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Posted: 06/15/2013, 04:13:15 AM
Lucky guy, to have a son and now a new camera to keep your outlook young and adventurous.
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Posted: 06/15/2013, 06:46:34 AM
Photographing nature and the species that inhabit it is wonderful. Congratulations :-9
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Posted: 06/15/2013, 07:25:32 AM
Nice shots!!!
Posted: 06/15/2013, 12:03:50 PM
Beautiful pictures, I wish you good luck!
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Posted: 06/15/2013, 19:11:24 PM
cool shots! keep up the good work. good luck and many sales.
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Posted: 06/15/2013, 20:57:25 PM
Nice!Congrats and good luck in sales!
Posted: 06/16/2013, 00:44:05 AM
Beautiful images, congratulations!
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Posted: 06/16/2013, 06:59:08 AM
Nice story and beautiful images.
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Posted: 06/18/2013, 00:49:26 AM
Loved reading your bog. I hope you keep having FUN! Good luck!
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Posted: 06/19/2013, 10:23:03 AM