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My Passion for fibres: spinning and felting

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Message posted at 06/16/2013, 17:26:34 PM by Piero1960
I bought 11 pictures of fibres animals to put inside the book I wrote about spinning and felting with natural fibres. Thanks so much !

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Message posted at 06/17/2013, 04:54:17 AM by Astormfr
can you tell us which photos and why did you choose those ones?

It can help us to improve the quality of the photo we sell and ideally make them fit the buyers need!
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Message posted at 06/17/2013, 10:33:03 AM by Suyerry
Thanks so much for posting and for purchasing from DT, hope you come back! :)
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Message posted at 06/17/2013, 18:44:02 PM by Piero1960
I bought these pictures :6745518-14738103-14952082-16016197-16259033-23168677-24903181-25928264-27746738-28821067-28867106-27646910...vicuna, camel, guanaco, cashmere goats, angora cat, samoyede dog, musk ox, pygora goat, cashgora goat, rocky mountains goat, ancestor of the sheep (in french mouflon à manchettes)Animals with fibres that we can transform in yarns...I chose the pictures on your website because of the quality of those images it's really good !!! The colors and the environments...Congratulations to your website...this is the finest quality for pivtures !

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