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Finally got "Accepted"

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Message posted at 06/21/2013, 01:50:13 AM by Kelvin51
Wow, after two years I finally got images accepted. I have learned a lot and once I started following the suggestions from the reviewers my photography really improved. I still got a lot to learn but it sure feels good to have images listed here....
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Message posted at 06/21/2013, 02:01:27 AM by Pindiyath100
Hi Kelvin! Congratulations to you!! Good to hear that you take the reviewers' suggestions positively. Keep posting good images and good luck with sales. :D
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Message posted at 06/21/2013, 03:28:09 AM by Clearvista
Hello kelvin, well done in persevering and getting your images accepted. Hope you get many more accepted soon-all the best.
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Message posted at 06/21/2013, 04:03:24 AM by Bbofdon
Well done Kelvin - like the images too.
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Message posted at 06/21/2013, 10:11:34 AM by Suyerry
Congrats Kelvin! Love your flower! Good luck on future uploads and your first sale! :)
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Message posted at 06/22/2013, 08:21:43 AM by Mcrobie
Congratulations Kelvin. Keep it up :)
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Message posted at 06/23/2013, 11:52:48 AM by Yadamons
Congratulations Kelvin.
Image "After The Rain" is a nice image.
Keep learning and upload. Good luck.
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Message edited at 06/23/2013, 12:39:59 PM by Miraclemoments
Well done Kelvin....I had a terribly slow start and got discouraged for months....when I started getting things right I just kept stopping once you get going.
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Message posted at 06/23/2013, 13:00:21 PM by Sml
Hi Kelvin, judging from the two images you have learned a lot, great images. Best wishes for lots of uploads and sales. susan
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Message posted at 06/27/2013, 16:43:29 PM by Infokus408
congrats! best of luck and many sales.
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Message posted at 06/27/2013, 16:52:07 PM by Treb999
That's great! Good luck here on DT!
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