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Resubitted Images and AR - question

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Message posted at 06/27/2013, 07:45:50 AM by Luvemak
I recently had 3 images rejected for a bad model release. I had used a generic form and it didn't have the required DT info. Either way, I then used the DT form, resubmitted the photos and they were all accepted without issue.

I see that in the management area, those three photos aren't counting against me, however, in the stats, it shows those additional images and calculates them toward my AR. Obviously, it negatively affects the number.

Question - Do they ever readjust the AR at a certain point, or will those resubmitted and accepted images always count as rejections and "new" submissions? (Hope my question makes sense...)
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Message posted at 06/27/2013, 07:57:27 AM by BCritchley - member is an admin
This existing thread may help answer your question How do they compute the AR.

Hope that helps :)
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