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Supporting file(s) which contain image(s).

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Message posted at 07/27/2013, 00:25:33 AM by Cyberfyber

I'm thinking the answer might be obvious...but then maybe it's not.

I've a few illustrations which of course contain vector elements but as well an image background for each. Is it entirely inadvisable for me to upload the supporting EPS file(s)?

Mind you, each background is upwards of 8,000 px at its longest width or length.

On a related note, I believe one of those illustrations of mine actually has a background which I'd put through the Illustrator trace grinder. It worked out really well. Maybe I should consider going that route for all other future submissions which happen to have an image background? I mean, if the resulting trace(s) end up looking good.

Thanks in advance for any direction / suggestions.

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Message posted at 07/27/2013, 00:59:49 AM by Alvera
While waiting for an answer here, please copy-paste your question and email support, too. Just to be sure an answer will come. Good luck,, nice work on your portfolio.
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Message posted at 07/27/2013, 03:01:05 AM by Francy874 - member is an admin
Hi Luis, if you intend to upload additional files (eps,ai,cdr) which contain an image (raster) the answer is no, the vector file can not contain bitmap elements (scanned drawings, photos etc).

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Message posted at 07/27/2013, 09:29:25 AM by Cyberfyber
Okay, yeah, I thought so. Thanks Francy for the response.

'and thank you Alvera as well. ;-)

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