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Message posted at 07/31/2013, 14:49:32 PM by Simathers
High everyone,

I'm going to start high school next year and I just got into photography recently and this is the first website I've submitted to. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions!
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Message posted at 07/31/2013, 15:33:41 PM by Adrianbrasov
One suggestion: do quality photos!
And when I say "quality" I'm thinking mainly about the creativity or the concept of the photo.

Good luck and welcome!

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Message posted at 07/31/2013, 15:48:27 PM by Red
Are you 18? It may influence the answers you receive on the forums. The terms state -

Children (persons under the age of 18) are not eligible to use this site unsupervised and we ask that children do not register for an account or submit any personal information to us. By using this site unsupervised, and/or registering for an account, you warrant that you are 18 years of age or older.

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Message posted at 07/31/2013, 22:09:24 PM by Suyerry
Keep up with DT news, follow the forums and blogs, and keep up with what is selling the best. Then just keep uploading and learning. You look like you are off to a great start. Good luck with your uploads and getting that first sale!

And as Red states above, make sure you have a parent or guardian supervising your account with you.
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Message posted at 08/01/2013, 00:23:17 AM by Akstp
Welcome to DT! As others have suggested, make sure that your parent or guardian is supervising your account for legal reasons.

I might also suggest that as you are just starting high school and like doing editorial sports images that you get involved with the school newspaper and photography instructor. You are off to a great start.
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Message posted at 08/01/2013, 13:12:26 PM by Simathers
Thank you all very much, and yes my parents do supervise my account, but thank you!
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Message posted at 08/01/2013, 20:12:04 PM by Treb999
Welcome to DT and good luck here!
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Message posted at 08/22/2013, 19:13:44 PM by Yadamons
Welcome to Dreamstime, Keep working and improve idea and quality.
Good luck , Simathers.
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Message posted at 08/30/2013, 06:10:19 AM by Willylorbo
Welcome to DT!

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Message posted at 09/01/2013, 03:07:46 AM by Mancio
Hi Simathers and welcome to DT.Good luck here and many downloads.

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Message posted at 09/01/2013, 09:24:49 AM by Nylakatara2013
Keep up the great work and welcome to the team!

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