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My first sale after 2 months!

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Message posted at 08/06/2013, 05:40:59 AM by Stefiross
New article posted: My first sale after 2 months!
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Message posted at 08/06/2013, 06:27:54 AM by Miraclemoments
Congrats....a good feeling. Many views doesn't mean it is not good....the fact that there are many views says that the photo is attracting attention but might not quite be what the buyer wants in composition, colour etc.
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Message posted at 08/06/2013, 07:10:41 AM by Delned
Ciao Stefania! Congratulations! I'm happy for you!
I have the same feelings for every accept image :) Don't give up!
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Message posted at 08/06/2013, 13:00:44 PM by Infokus408
congrats! and many more sales.
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Message posted at 08/07/2013, 00:58:00 AM by Clearvista
Well done. Great feeling to get the first sale, second soon hopefully. All the best.
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Message posted at 08/07/2013, 04:09:52 AM by Rosariomanzo
Congrats, it's a nice feeling for each sale. Keep shooting nice images like this. Ciao.
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Message posted at 08/07/2013, 04:45:29 AM by Davidwatmough
We all start slowly and 'business' builds up. David
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Message posted at 08/07/2013, 11:07:51 AM by Laurasinelle
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Message posted at 08/07/2013, 14:30:59 PM by Morrismann
Congratulations Stefania. It is really a great feeling. Keep uploading !

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Message posted at 08/07/2013, 18:47:29 PM by Gheburaseye
Congrats Stefania and don't be afraid if a picture with many views is not sold yet! All image, soon or later will be sold if you work hard for it ;)

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Message posted at 08/07/2013, 23:31:59 PM by Picstudio
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Message posted at 08/12/2013, 15:58:59 PM by FabioConcetta
Congratulations Stefania^_^
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Message posted at 08/12/2013, 21:33:13 PM by Yadamons
Many view does't means not a good picture.
Waiting for next Customer have requirement match with this picture.
Have Many sale coming soon. Keep working, Stefania.
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Message posted at 09/06/2013, 04:10:19 AM by Cheese365
Well done and congratulations! keep shooting and uploading! :)
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