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Message posted at 08/10/2013, 16:38:47 PM by Wraight - member is an admin
Hi, Just joined the site today, so been busy uploading my first batch of images, a bit time consuming but hopefully worth it in the end. I have about 4000 to upload over the next few weeks/months .....just hope they get accepted now! The wait is going to be a painful one.


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Message posted at 08/10/2013, 17:18:45 PM by Treb999
Wow, 4000 images. Good luck and welcome to DT!
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Message posted at 08/11/2013, 04:17:48 AM by Freddie10
Wow you have been busy good lucK and welcome to DT!!
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Message posted at 08/30/2013, 06:11:29 AM by Willylorbo
Welcome to DT Wraight!

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Message posted at 08/30/2013, 13:55:30 PM by Wraight - member is an admin
Thanks for the welcomes.......and so far the learning experience has been a painful one. I have tried uploading over 100 pics so far but only about 38 accepted. The good side is that I have had sales......the bad is that they are "subscription" sales which I don't fully understand. How they benefit the photographer at less than the cost a bar of chocolate is not something I quite get. People are using my image but not really paying for it is how I see it at the moment. I'm sure most of you have your tales to tell on this, but the time invested in uploading work is, at the moment not very cost effective!

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Message posted at 09/01/2013, 03:13:34 AM by Mancio
Welcome to DT!
WOOOWWWW fantastic. 4000 picture... GOOD LUCK!

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Message posted at 09/01/2013, 09:22:29 AM by Nylakatara2013
Your pictures are absolutely wonderful! Welcome to the DT community, there are great.

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Message posted at 09/05/2013, 19:54:28 PM by Yadamons
"Benefit the photographer and cost effective"
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