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Flock of sheep

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Message posted at 09/13/2013, 14:20:25 PM by Jazzzak
Just looking at sheep and was suprised to find that dreamstime refer to a lot of sheep has a herd. I always was told that a lot of sheep was a flock so if keywording is so important why call them a herd of sheep?
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Message posted at 09/14/2013, 13:20:18 PM by Rik57
Wikipedia has sheep as being called a flock, a herd or a mob. Might want to use all 3 to account for regional differances.
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Message posted at 09/14/2013, 14:17:38 PM by Miraclemoments
Also keep in mind that often times people are not native english speaking and translations could occasionally translate to either herd or flock. Grammatically it is not correct...for could mean a sale or not.
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Message posted at 05/12/2014, 08:29:07 AM by Pincarel
As a 'not native english speaking' i would say: just use both. And don't forget about the UK and US English ...
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