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my concepts so far...

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Message edited at 10/15/2013, 12:42:11 PM by Dancretul

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   Pill sphere    
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   Ladder Made from Pencils   

   Pink Balloon Light Bulb   

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   Musical notes burned matches   

   Melted DVD or compact disc   

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   Clothes hanger    

   Barbed wire flag   

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Message posted at 10/15/2013, 12:46:28 PM by Alvera
Wonderful! And I say very rare the word wonderful :)
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Message posted at 10/15/2013, 12:52:39 PM by Lisafx
You are very clever with visual metaphors!

I'm not sure if I would be brave enough to post such original work in the forums. Lots of folks looking for inspiration ;)
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Message posted at 10/15/2013, 18:01:48 PM by Photosoup
The trash bag as a globe is awesome!!!
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Message posted at 10/16/2013, 04:26:51 AM by Chimeandsense
One word sums up all of this work "brilliant"

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Message posted at 10/16/2013, 04:44:07 AM by Lenutaidi
Cool! Very cool!! Congratulations!

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Message posted at 10/16/2013, 05:51:00 AM by Heywoody
Seems like a change in direction from a quick look at your port - should do well for you but Lisa makes a very good point.
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Message posted at 10/16/2013, 06:04:35 AM by Cjmgrafx
Very neat concepts. You have quite the imagination!

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Message posted at 10/22/2013, 17:24:32 PM by Adrianbrasov
Very good pictures. I like the concepts. I also have a picture which could enter in your "category".

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Message posted at 10/26/2013, 10:23:53 AM by Bigpressphoto
your work is really artistic and wonderful. Stock is something else and I do hope you sell on DT. You really should have your own website for your artworks and sell them as prints.
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Message posted at 10/26/2013, 13:28:07 PM by Infokus408
creative and surrealistic like. keep up the great work. best of luck and many sales.
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Message posted at 10/26/2013, 17:14:30 PM by Pulsar124
Very vivid imagination!
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