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Buy Now Option

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Message edited at 11/10/2013, 06:28:43 AM by Karenfoleyphotography
Twice now I have been contacted by a buyer who has come across one of my photos and wanted to purchase it to include in their blog. Both times I replied that my photos were available for purchase on dreamstime, included links to the photo page - the purchase credits page - and the registration page all including my referral number. Neither of these times resulted in a sale - or even a registered user.

These were buyers motivated enough to find my website and send me an email with the photo title they wished to buy. So what happened that they didn't even register? One explanation would be cost, but again - these were motivated buyers.

It got me thinking about the casual buyers interaction with our buying process. Is requiring them to register and purchase a package of credits (which they may not use all of - and which takes a bit of time to understand size/levels/packages) too much of a burden for the one-off buyer? Is there someway to capture this business - and possibly convert it into repeat business at a later date?

Most retail websites I use today allow a me to purchase goods as a registered user or a guest. What if we offered the same choice to unregistered users coming into the site? Maybe list a "Buy Now" price in $$'s alongside the credits - which could be adjusted according to size and photo level - and a check-out page to gather payment info.

I have no idea the effort to implement something like this (does some of this functionality exist for now?) - but I wanted to put this suggestion out to see if others have had the same experience - and whether you think it would be worth exploring. Thoughts? Karen

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Message edited at 11/09/2013, 19:39:02 PM by Debramillet
That's a really great idea! , something simple so as to not confuse people but easy for folks who just need one for the family Christmas card or whatever

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Message posted at 11/10/2013, 04:09:43 AM by Murdock2013
I also think this is a good idea. People who would normally be put off by having to buy a package could by a single photo. This hopefully would increase the credit sales. (as they are rapidly decreasing) Dt would be getting more for the image as well as the contributor. The buyer would not waste money on credits he doesn't need. and everyone is happy!

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Message posted at 11/10/2013, 06:54:17 AM by Evabattrick
Sounds good and so "common sense". Do hope DT take this up.
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Message posted at 11/10/2013, 07:51:50 AM by Murdock2013
Any input Admins?

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Message posted at 11/10/2013, 09:34:29 AM by Heathse
This is a really good idea! Simple is always best.
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Message posted at 11/10/2013, 13:30:19 PM by Dudau - member is an admin

Originally posted by Murdock2013:
Quoted Message: Any input Admins?

There can't be a fast answer to this, as it needs to be discussed. Our buying plans are based on a business model that has proven its success until now, and every new addition needs to be calculated deeper.

However, we do take note of suggestions, and if it makes sense, businesswise, we are flexible enough to implement them. Thank you!
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Message edited at 11/10/2013, 13:40:54 PM by Murdock2013
Thank you Viorel, I hope it makes sense. I think its a excellent way of helping credit sales.

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Message edited at 11/10/2013, 19:28:01 PM by Mudplucker
Sounds like a good idea if DT gets an option to contact this buyer at a later date with special offers, newsletters and things like that (unless the buyer opts out during purchase) especially when the photographer is also the person who is making the sale happen.
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Message posted at 11/26/2013, 07:13:37 AM by Hellen8
This is a really good idea! Simple is always best ...

Also, I have one suggestion. For subscription set maximum download size - medium. From the large size of the image above (+ TIFF) for download, just sell them for credits or money (BUY NOW). It would be good for photographers, because most TIFF images are sold for subscription for very little money.
Please your feedback, thanks.
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Message edited at 12/11/2013, 07:29:17 AM by TMarchev
I'm agreed i have lot of good files who get only views and subs sales.
I look my statistic for December...
its really bad for me
from 1 DEC to 11 DEC 2013
33 sales
revenue $34.14
RPD $1.03
Yes i have sales but 80% are subscriptions 0.42$ where is new subs for 2.20$???
buyers buy my files as .EPS and .TIFF for 0.42$
I'm designer and i spend 1-2hours to made ONE good file(to made project and rendering time)
So that level system is good but for credit sales...
I have files lvl 5 and revenue is the same like this on lvl 1 for subscriptions ---> 80% chance to get 0.42$ :( That unmotivated me to pay 5 hours of work to upload 3 new files who i wait ONE WEEK to accept and one month to get may be 1-2 sales...)
And i have other question why i got 65% accept ratio my files are good...(i pay a lot of time to made file with maximum quality to get good sale)
and in same time DT accept too bad files(traced vectors) from other users like this: ID 28063008 , 27927910 and 35709443 i hope understand me!

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Message posted at 12/15/2013, 08:06:54 AM by Fengshang520
If the sales package, you need to download a lot very much before they can have a good income.

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Message edited at 12/15/2013, 23:53:43 PM by TMarchev
Date: Online: Refused: Ratio: Sales: Revenue: RPD:

Nov 34 8 81.00%51$194.06$3.81
Dec 29 1 96.70%49 $64.06 $1.31

Did you see the difference.... with 38 subscriptions of 49 sales in December....

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Message posted at 12/18/2013, 05:54:13 AM by Hellen8
For me ? BAD, BaD, Bad ...

For the last two months I had 31 sales - for sub $0.42 but only 1 sub sale for $2.20. Is it possible? When we get additional payment for the wrong amount in the DT system ?

My statistic from:
Nov13, sale 17 , Revenue: $22,16 , RPD: $1,30
Dec13, sale 11 , Revenue : $5,96 , RPD: $0,54 !!!

Still only SUB, SUB, SUB ... What will be in 2014? For little money, we will upload small files ... probably.

I wish you all Merry Christmas and big sales in New Year 2014 (for credit).

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Message posted at 12/20/2013, 02:31:12 AM by Mildegard
My sales are jumping from bad to worse too. All those subscriptions... I already hate them.

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