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Hi from Finland

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Message posted at 11/13/2013, 04:15:28 AM by Mrahkonen

I just joined and uploaded four pictures to test how this site works. It took a while, but one of the images got accepted. I liked the helpful information I got concerning the images that didn't get accepted. The funny thing is though that a picture that had only been level corrected was said to be too processed and an HDR image...

Photography is a hobby and I hope that uploading my photos on this site will help me become a better photographer. I also want to upload illustrations at some point. This community seems to be friendly and encouraging, I'm looking forward to learning a lot.


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Message posted at 11/13/2013, 05:05:25 AM by Treb999
Welcome to DT and good luck here!
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Message posted at 11/13/2013, 05:17:03 AM by Grafoo
Hi Maija, Welcome to DT's great community.
You said right, by uploading you'll learn a lot. Wish you success in micro-stock world.
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Message posted at 11/13/2013, 06:12:34 AM by Dieniti
Welcome to DT! I am sure you will enjoy being here! Wish you much fun! If you have any question don`t hesitate to ask here in the forum - you will get much helpful advise!
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Message posted at 11/13/2013, 10:28:32 AM by Igordabari
Hi from Russia to Finland, welcome to DT and best of luck here!
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Message posted at 11/14/2013, 00:37:46 AM by Clearvista
Hello and welcome to you. Wish you all the best with your acceptance rate. I see you have one accepted already. You will quickly learn from your rejections and approval rate will increase.
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Message posted at 11/15/2013, 04:33:08 AM by Marpit
Welcome on DT and good luck here!
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Message posted at 11/15/2013, 08:39:21 AM by Matthiase - member is an admin
Welcome to DT =)
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Message posted at 11/15/2013, 13:57:40 PM by Mrahkonen
Thank you all :)

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Message posted at 11/21/2013, 08:43:33 AM by Mancio
Welcome and good luck.

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Message posted at 11/21/2013, 13:36:08 PM by Spike28742
Hello Maija, welcome to DT

Good Luck!

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Message posted at 11/23/2013, 12:20:27 PM by Infokus408
welcome to dt! nice flowers. best of luck and many sales.
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Message posted at 11/25/2013, 12:30:08 PM by Lenutaidi
Welcome on board, Maija !! Don't give up! Keep uploading! Good luck!

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Message posted at 11/28/2013, 08:57:09 AM by Pincarel
Keep up the good work Maija! Welcome to Dreamstime!
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