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Auto-Renewal of Subsription plan is stealing-like

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Message posted at 01/04/2014, 06:01:48 AM by Shoricelu
The option of Auto-Renew the subscription plan BY DEFAULT after first buy is like stealing money from somebody's card. IT IS NOT NORMAL to activate that BY DEFAULT, every buyer should be informed that he can activate such an option BUT NO AUTO-ACTIVATION. This "selling technique" of yours (which I call STEALING) brought me a prejudice of approx. 150 USD. 5 weeks of auto-renewal. CHEAP GESTURE of marketing. SHAME on you, Dreamstime.

You make unbelievable wrong moves towards your customers!
REMEMBER: My credit Card IS NOT YOUR CREDIT CARD, so you are not allowed to take decisions BY DEFAULT WITHOUT WARNING ME!!!

I'm thinking very seriously at this way of doing business of yours.... Oh yeah....

Stealing from customers IS NOT NICE!
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Message edited at 01/04/2014, 07:56:54 AM by Admin
Hi! We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but the automatic renewal is stated in the first line under the price of credits/subscription when you buy a package:

Package renews automatically every week. You can cancel at any time.

There is also a link to more info in the same line, so you were warned right from the first step of the purchase.

If you want to cancel the automatic renewal, you can do so from your management area.

If you didn't see the line, or you didn't know about this, you can contact support and ask for a refund for auto-renewed, unused subscriptions.

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