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Seattle - Wikipedia

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Message posted at 02/12/2014, 02:06:35 AM by eric5
New article posted: Seattle - Wikipedia
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Message posted at 02/13/2014, 16:00:52 PM by Jdanne
Seattle is a very nice town but the weather can be very nasty...

 Mount Rainier and West Point Lighthouse, USA 
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Message posted at 02/15/2014, 03:48:04 AM by FabioConcetta
You have made ​​a very detailed purpose of explanation, accompanied by beautiful pictures, my favorites are the first and third, congratulations for this job!
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Message posted at 02/21/2014, 02:37:48 AM by Lenutaidi
Well done! Beautiful pictures! Don't forget to go to shops and supermarkets in Seattle even if you don't like to shoot it there you can make a lot of stock photos that sell! Good luck!

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