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Advice for Motivation

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Message posted at 04/30/2014, 00:22:08 AM by Iheartcountryphoto
New article posted: Advice for Motivation
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Message posted at 04/30/2014, 01:00:41 AM by 1000wordsimages
Hello Tina,

Great pics. I also try to shoot as many different things as possible. Variation is important i think. Off course i dont go around as an headless chicken but think before if it makes sense. But in general most things can be useful. Some more others less but there are many buyers. I also shoot less popular things. There could be somebody looking for it and nobody has it because most of us try to shoot only popular images. But i always think before if it could be used in some article.

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Message posted at 04/30/2014, 09:34:29 AM by Psmpics
Great reminders! I'm sure we can all use a but of encouragement to get out there and take photos. I will once spring finally arrives for good... :) Thanks for sharing this advice.
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Message posted at 04/30/2014, 16:54:14 PM by Egomezta
Good to remember this all of the time... Regards.
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Message posted at 05/06/2014, 10:29:17 AM by Perstock
Yeah Tina, the things you love and the things you are interrested in and the things you are good at... :-)
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Message posted at 06/28/2014, 13:40:20 PM by Frankifb
Hi new here is this a good place to sale Nature shots?
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