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Sublimation & Heat Presses

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Message posted at 10/18/2006, 04:06:50 AM by N1kcy
I'm thinking of investing in a heat press and mug press to enable me to produce my own garments, mugs, mousemats etc. Does anyone have any advice on this, i.e good brands, brands or dealers to avoid etc. It seems that you can buy a new heat press on ebay for under £300 but the printing shops here in UK change nearer £1000. I wonder why there is such a big difference is price, could the quality really be that different???

Thanks in advance.

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Message posted at 10/18/2006, 07:09:32 AM by Will_iredale
We use sublimation extensively at work. The two companies we deal with are Mega and I-Sub.

The heat press we have is a HT-600. It doesn't have a digital thermometer though so to get the right temperature you have to turn a dial and use a bit of guesswork. As I understand it, this is because ours is an old model and newer ones are all digital and you type in the temperature and it does the rest.

We also have two Jarin HF2200 mug presses. I don't know how much they cost but I would certainly recommend them.

What printer would you be using? For a few years we used an Epson 1290 but have just bought an R1800 with sublimation kit. We're having some problems getting accurate colour reproduction with this on different surfaces. I'm quite demanding about this so we'll be getting Printfix Pro to generate profiles for the different items we use rather than the generic profile that came with the sub kit.

Hope this helps.
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Message posted at 08/24/2009, 08:59:21 AM by Wjrodel
We do alot of dye sub printing, all colours will vary due to the gamma restrictions of the quality of ink.

like all printing you need to establish a constant so your results are predictable everytime, eg: time, heat, speed, humidity, etc.

once you have got that done, then using washatch or printerpro, etc you adjust your curves as close as possible using a densitometer (measures colour break down) or a spectrometer to automatically adust the curves for you.
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Message posted at 10/03/2009, 21:57:31 PM by Susanfindlay
I bought an ex-demo 5 in 1 heat press for AUD $850 and it has worked out to be great value for money.

I use an Epson 1410 for my sublimation printing using Sawgrass Inks and I am also having a few issues with colour reproduction on various products and so will look it to the Printfix Pro... thanks for the tip.

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