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Barceloneta,Barcelona, Spain, March 2016: electrician work on a roof

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Work and fun often go together and we're giving you one more fun reason to work. A recurring theme and setting in stock photography, the workplace offers plenty of opportunities for dynamic, casual, authentic, stock-oriented portraits and lately even selfies. So here's your job: take portraits and self-portraits of working people. Say ''wooork'!

People who work
For real. No staging, no fake meetings or frozen handshakes...read more

Submissions end: 05/16/16

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April 29, 2016 (06:00)
Contributors: We're open for AUDIO submissions and we're looking forward to hearing you! Read more details here - posted by TangieApril 13, 2016 (09:44)
We proudly present our newest project, Megapixl.com, a platform for designers to enjoy a more user-centered experience, refined relevant search results, a new design, new technologies and a new home for our amazing collection of +42 million images. And because we know the image matters for your projects, you have flexible plans, straightforward price, all Royalty Free. Just come check us out HERE, you'll find the image you need! - posted by TangieMarch 29, 2016 (05:54)
We've reached 42 million images today. It's colorful, it's wild and it's our new milestone image. Download it for a chance to win 100 FREE credits! Thank you everyone and more here - posted by TangieFebruary 25, 2016 (04:42)
Just reached 41 million files! 100 FREE credits are at stake for our designers if they download the milestone image and enter our competition. Raise your champagne glass here. - posted by Malinash

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