Full name: Darius Strazdas
Located: Vilnius, Lithuania
Joined: March 17, 2011
Equipment: Pentax K5 and lens: Pentax, Tamron macro, Samyang 85mm
Bio / Artistic statement
I am a photographer working exclusively with


Being surrounded with endless of possibilities. That is the way of thinking. The view of the world is being created of us. It can be done in many ways. I choose Photography - that is my Passion and my Belief.

I am one of the remote photo editors for Dreamstime.

Darius Strazdas (Yellowind)

  I am a photographer working exclusively with Dreamstime Admin

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Stock Image : Lake and wooden pier
Stock Image : Reeds by lake
Stock Image : Dark clouds at sunset
Stock Image : Loving family at sunset sea
Stock Image : Loving family at sunset sea
Stock Image : Dark clouds at sunset
Stock Image : Woman playing with dog on beach
Stock Image : Loving family at sunset sea
Stock Image : Mixed breed dog running

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Stock Image : Abstract sparkler on red background
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Exclusive images
Stock Image : Branch of plant
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Yellowind's models
Stock Image : Happy couple man and woman together smiling
Stock Image : Lovely blond woman looks and hides
Stock Image : Bookshop assistant and the customer
Stock Image : Teenage girl swinging down head in autumn
Stock Image : Pretty elegant girls smiling with cup of tea and
Stock Image : Pretty elegant woman in winter retro background
Stock Image : Man singer with microphone hands up, fingers point
Stock Image : Woman pointing talking with man in retro style
Stock Image : Pretty cute woman looking straight portrait

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