11 Feb 2017 Annual Ski Race Nikolov Perevoz 2017 Russialoppet Ski Marathon. Paralympic Race. Photos, Images, & Pictures

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Created: 02/14/2017
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Description: Art-Veretevo Estate annual ski race Nikolov Perevoz 2017 Russialoppet ski marathon. Paralympic race . Paralympic team almost at full strength will start and finish at the snowy river Dubna bed in the Taldom district of Moscow region. The Bank is the sponsor of the race. Hundreds of people support the heroic skiers in bright blue suits for the national team. Award winners. Winter, Sport, Ski, Russia, Joy, Health, Family, Passion, Red Bull, Salomon, get Up on skis, Fischer, KV+, Kant, Rossignol, SPINE, Adidas, Dubna, Taldom, Paraolimpiady, Heroes, racing, sports
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