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News and announcements

Hear hear, the AUDIO section is now LIVE and sounding great. Enjoy the music! Read more about this here.

Cyber Monday comes with fresh content and a new milestone thanks to our great community. Our 51th million file is a sweet video of a baby, so designers hurry up and download it for a chance to win 100 FREE credits. Check it out. The party is HERE.

We've got fifty million reasons to celebrate the Dreamstime community today as we've reached 50 million online images. Designers, download the milestone image and you enter the competition for 100 free credits. Join celebrations here

New milestone in the house: 49 million files online already. That was fast! Thank you everyone for making this possible. Designers can win 100 FREE credits if they download the image. Join the cheering crowd here.

Breaking! Two milestones in one month! Heading quickly to 50 million files. Hurry up, designers! 100 free credits are at stake if you download the image that hit the milestone. Let's play in autumn leaves HERE.

Exclusive contributors: check this thread for important updates in the exclusivity program.

New milestone! There are 47 million files online and counting, thanks to our hardworking contributors. Designers can get lucky and win 100 free credits if they download the milestone image. The party is HERE.

Happy Yorkshire Day! What a beautiful match! If you're in need of an awwww moment, here it is: our 46th million file. Designers, don't miss the chance to win 100 free credits and also to impress your clients: download the milestone image now. Everyone, join us here.

Contributors, payment request procedure update! Read more here

Somebody's watching you, it's our 45 millionth image. Designers, there's a prize flying by: download the milestone image and enter our competition for 100 free credits. More on milestones here.

Your downloads, forever yours! From now on, you can RE-DOWNLOAD AT ANY TIME all files you previously licensed. The re-download link will be always and forever active in your Download cloud right here for you to have and to hold for as long as you treat it gently. Enjoy it!

Today is about all of us so let's turn back the time and remember our childhood dreams. Don't remember? We give you a hint HERE. Happy Children's Day everyone!

Our 44th million file online shows us how to shave a beard. If male designers want to take some lessons and also win 100 free credits, they need to hurry up and download the lucky image. Celebrate here.

A toast to all dreamstimers and congrats for the 43 millionth image, now online here. Designers, enjoy a glass of drink with us and download the milestone image. Here's to your chance to win 100 free credits. More details here

Contributors: We're open for AUDIO submissions and we're looking forward to hearing you! Read more details here

We proudly present our newest project,, a platform for designers to enjoy a more user-centered experience, refined relevant search results, a new design, new technologies and a new home for our amazing collection of +42 million images. And because we know the image matters for your projects, you have flexible plans, straightforward price, all Royalty Free. Just come check us out on Megapixl!

We've reached 42 million images today. It's colorful, it's wild and it's our new milestone image. Download it for a chance to win 100 FREE credits! Thank you everyone and more here

Just reached 41 million files! 100 FREE credits are at stake for our designers if they download the milestone image and enter our competition. Raise your champagne glass here.

License update for W-EL and P-EL: Following a market research, as of March 1st the P-EL and W-EL extended licenses will be upgraded to allow designers unlimited number of printed/electronic items (up from 10,000). EL licenses are available with credits or the newly introduced EL subscriptions.

40 million files!The new year starts with a round number thanks to all our Dreamstimers. Designers, hurry up and download the lucky image for a chance to win 100 FREE credits. Everyone, the party is here!