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Every month our agency has an assignment contest. Photographers have the option to either escalate the file to level 5 pricing, or sell the rights of the image for an instant bonus. Each concept submitted must be sold EXCLUSIVELY.

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July 17, 2018

They say two heads are better than one, but we say more heads are perfect for our next assignment. We're planning to assemble a true-to-life portrait of teams-in-action and we need your view point too. So let's team up and show teams working to achieve great things.

Dynamics of the team
As the title says, we're after a glimpse of what goes on inside a team, what makes a team, the modus operandi and the effort behind a team's success. Get in the middle of the action and show us the drops of sweat on doctors' foreheads as their teams assist them during surgery, the pressure at the pit stop where mechanics are working fast to change the tires on the champion's car, the heat in a team's dance performance. Through your submissions, we should almost hear ideas circulating in a business meeting or live the intensity of children putting hands together before a game. Frozen poses of smiling team members will not do. Be a good teammate and show the team in action with all its hard work and members.

Diversity of the team
The success of a team is the success of each individual in that team. Teams rely on mutual support, unity and equality so we want to see how each team member contributes to make things happen. We want to see teams of all kinds and all kinds of people. Multi-disciplinary, multi-ethnic, multi-generational, focus on multi and make sure your teams are inclusive and diverse. To give examples, think of medical, sports, training, business, rescue, student teams or any group of people working and acting as a team. The key is to make the interaction and action within your teams as dynamic and real life as possible.

The best team-in-action shots will be rewarded with $300 (first place), $200 (second place) and $100 (the third place) along with a branded Dreamstime T-shirt.

Both Royalty Free and Editorial files are welcome for this assignment. Upload the files as usual and mark them as "assignment files":

1. upload the image via FTP or via upload page.
The image is now in your unfinished files, please do not edit the image from the unfinished files folder at all, instead go to the next step.
2. go to assignment page, choose escalate to level 5 or sell the rights option and hit submit.
3. choose the file you will be submitting to the assignment from the row of already uploaded images under the assignment text.
4. continue upload as usual.

Goo team!