“Ceceeeeee-lllyaaaa, you’re breaking my heart!”

sang Simon (or was it Garfunkel?)

it matters not because the next line

is what i am thinking about..

"shaking my confidence daily"

my confidence as a photographer

is on a see saw

up one day , down the next.

the other night i got one of the best shots

of the moon i have ever taken, and on manual

focus!. in the dead of night! it was exciting because i have been

having trouble getting focused shots as

i have mentioned before.

today i went out, 2 great lenses in hand,

sunny clear day, bright blue sky, 2 memory cards, full of

anticipation- excited confident like

my favorite model pictured here

on the way i called a man interested in

having me shoot some products for a catalog, sure i could

do that, yes i have

some experience, send a resume? yes,

sir i will.

my next stop was a park near our

home. i went down to the beach area

where the sun was sparkling on the


© Jgroup

canadian geese, mallard ducks

were everywhere. they were dipping

in the water,flying over head, fish were

jumping, the whole park was alive with sights and sounds.

i used a whole 1 gig memory card there,

then went to the creek side,

babbling brook, rocks and rills as the

old hymn says,

even a passing duck family. i used the

other card there amongst the backlit

trees and reflections of the sun.

i had the camera on auto focus most

of the time so that it wasn't my fault if

it didn't focus, also had the image stabilization

turned on. one lens was even an L lens, i had

all my bases covered. charged battery, clear cards,clean glass.

i came home with visions of perfectly

focused geese in flight, with splashes

of water as they land. pop the cards

in the computer....blur,on to the next,

blur,on to the next, blur,on to the next,

blur,on to the next, blur - oh one slightly

in focus, no wait not at 100%.

why did i tell that man i could take product

shots for him, i can't get a focused shot to

save my life.

okay Jay "hiho hiho back to your class

i go....( photojay is teaching a class online

- he's a great teacher- i am a poor student)

oh well come monday there will be more

geese a- honkin' and flying overhead...

at least i didn't get bombed, or chased

or bitten. this weekend i will be a good

student and study hard

get the blinders off of my eyes and see what

i should have my camera set on next time.

are you listening Jay??

Photo credits: , Denise Milana Beverly, Dragos Manea, James Steidl, Jason Schulz, Spectral-design.

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September 28, 2007


it was beautiful and i am grateful believe me. it is the first day i have had in a very long time, that felt relaxing ( while i was at the park anyway) the geese flapping 10 feet above my head was scary and yet very very cool

tonight i have gone through all the images and found 6 that intrigue me enough to get printed. these are for a contest at the park, hopefully i will have enough time to get some more taken, if not i do have 6 to enter.

September 28, 2007


It was Simon, actually :) We all get this feeling sometimes, but at least you had a nice day outside, which is more than some (me) can say.

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