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I do not have much experience here in DT so I would like to ask - is it a low/slow season now or it just happened to me? I have a feeling that there are much less views and, of course, sales since the beginning of the year after a really good December (when, I guess, people had to spend the money). Am I the only one experiencing such a decrease of interest of the buyers? It is really depressing since I had such great expectations after December...

And here my last winter pictures from Himalayas.


Photo credits: Ewamewa2.

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Thank you Torasnpsfr!


January started slowly indeed...but the last few days where better...I hope for a huge year 2012 !!!rnWish everybody the same...:-)


I always find that january is a lot slower that the rest of the year and it builds up with my highest sales in the summer then nov and dec. For some reason though this year has been very very slow. Hopefully it will pick up. Love your photos :)


Thank you for your comments!It looks I just have to be more patient and hard working:) All the best!


No complaint here abou sales this month. Even highest RPD now.


Sales are stable if you have a big portfolio covering lot's of different subjects. Otherwise it's really hard to predict anything. One month you may get only subscription sales, other just two sales but with additional licences.


Sales go up and down. I have had slow months followed by BMEs and vice versa. The best thing you can do is not to focus on the sales. Just work to grow your portfolio and the sales will follow.


Same....My Vies are doen. but only time will tell.

Just need to go and shoot and upload!


I hope so, thing can only go up! ;-) Early part of Jan was very slow for me but seems to be picking up some steam.


well it is very hard to say but for my experience if your portfolio have picture that cover all those seasonal occasion than you should be fine maybe the effect will be on the RPD like mine. This month my RPD is the lowest, but in term of sale it still healthy on the upward trend. For the last two month sale on subscribe hit limit high, therefore it bring down the RPD. Try to diversified your portfolio and things will improve.

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