01 - Discovering stock photography

I stumbled upon "my first" stock photography website about 2 years ago. I am not a professional photographer, but me and my photo camera get along pretty well, so I said - Let's give it a try! It was fun, and I did not actually expect any of my photos to be selected. To my surprise, around 50% of that first series got approved and started selling. And then I started to learn about photography, and about stock rules and different websites, different target groups...

The thing is, ten years ago, it was exactly the same manner I "discovered" web design, as a kind of art expression. So I started practicing, learning programs and scripts etc, and today I am earning nicely from making websites and other kinds of design (logos, vectors, posters...).

Web design came into my life pretty much like this interest in photography...just a flare of curiosity at first, and then it became an important part of my life.

Although I sell several hundred photographs in couple of websites now, and recently I started slowly uploading to dreamstime.com, I have all the patience in the world, and I hope you all do.

Stock photos are often timeless in relation to their subject, so most of them can't "expire" from the gallery, and their use is probably only limited by thing like included text like "Happy New 2006" written all over them or something similar. Every bit of your efforts counts, even if you are not a professional photographer.

Good luck to us all :)

Photo credits: Bosko Martinovic.

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Hi Bosko,
welcome to DT! Wish you lot of luck and have fun here!

P.S. Hey, do you know your and mine last photos are in the same topic :):) I even learned a new word from you - potpourri ... I have to enclude it in my keywords! Thanks!


Welcome! All the best for sales :)


Hi, welcome to DT I am also a new comer on DT, I will only give advice to b patience and keep on uploading pics.


Hi and welcome to DT, good luck with the uploads and sales.

PS...even the illustrations with text are timeless as the 2006 can easily be changed to 2007 etc...


Yeah I agree with Rebecca, its a nice blog, most of them are like you here, not professional photographers, but we do enjoy shooting, and now due this stockphoto sites we get an platform to showcase our images, and the added bonus is that we make some extra money.


Welcome to DT & keep uploading :)


nice blog, good luck!

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