02 - Discovering stock photography

As you upload, you start wondering what are the stock rules about? What is quality for reviewers when they often reject quality for other reasons? Over time, I learned to respect their decisions, and to treat rejections as natural. As soon as I started thinking about a rejection as of a "We've seen you do better than that! Do that good stuff you do again" and not as of a "You suck" phrase, I started enjoying this struggle more. It's all about making an effort, like with everything else in life.

When I started uploading to stock photography websites, I was careful while choosing photos. Then I made a mistake and uploaded almost 200 photos (generally beautiful), but without sufficient checks and analysis, to a website which usually approves my work...The result was staggering 90% rejection!!! In that moment I did not consider that it was actually my fault, and I was - of course - dissapointed. I stopped uploading for a month, and then I accidentally read an article which said something like:

"If you sold one, you can sell more! Don't stop, just try another approach - Someone already appreciated your work and spent money to be able to use your photo!" -so I started trying again, and it started working again. If you make a strict selection yourself, you avoid situations in which someone will do it for you. Learn to recognize your own mistakes, and it will boost your confidence, especially because you'll definitely give your best not to repeat them.

Photo credits: Bosko Martinovic.

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I have learned also that not entirely was your fault. Aside from technical reason or similarity, it is indeed agency standards that rules. It differs on each agency as they are perhaps on a different market focus. With this understanding in mind, I myself definitely have discovered much much more appealing things in this business which in turn have developed my skill.
Great, that you finally can make up your mind to continue your wonderful works.



thanks for commenting on my blog about the same topic. what a coincidence, we must have been on the same wavelength . yes, the secret to success in life , as always, is to find a positive direction to every roadblock.
sometimes, the simple way is the least thought about first.


Good aspect- maybe it keep's me away from depressions. ;-)


Yes, you are right, the phrase in the article is very inspiring. I wish you many sales.


well yeah - the thing is in using negative experience to become better, isn't it? :)


Thanks for the inspiration - I've never thought of rejections in such a positive way!

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