A 1.8 35mm Lens Changed My Life

For many years I used an 18-200mm Nikon zoom lens on my Nikon DX DSLR. While the results were acceptable I received more refusals from Photo Stock Libraries than I expected due to lack of sharp focus. I just assumed this DX lens was sharp but then I read an article saying it was not.

So I purchased a Nikon DX 1.8 35mm fixed lens for just a few hundred dollars and what a difference! All my shots are super sharp and my refusals have reduced to almost zero.

It does mean I have had to change my methodology completely - I now have to position myself correctly for each shot and for all panoramic shots (vertical and horizontal) I have to take several shots and stitch them together in Photoshop. But that only takes a few minutes and I'm delighted with the results.

Panoramic view of Wellington Harbour, Oriental Bay and Clyde Qua

Massive Cracks in The Hunderlee Hills after Kaikoura Earthquake

Photo credits: , Nigel Spiers.
Nigel Spiers
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  • Nigelspiers
  • Christchurch, New Zealand
I got the photography bug in 2002 when I purchased my first digital camera - a Casio point & shoot.
However I really became keen when in 2006 I bought my first DSLR - a second hand Nikon D70.
More recently I have added images of musical instruments, recording equipment and Christmas themes isolated on white backgrounds.
In the last few years I have also taken photographs of my home town Christchurch, New Zealand, the damage caused by three devastating earthquakes and the rebuild of the city.

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December 07, 2016

Thank you very much for sharing Nigel! Appreciate it!


December 06, 2016

I agree with you. I use zoom lens when there is good light, and move to 50 mm in low light conditions. My next buy would be 35 mm.


December 05, 2016

Hi Babar,

Yes I agree with your comments.
When I used the 18-200 DX lens my default settings in M mode were F9 and 125th of a second. However now my default settings in M mode are F9 and a 400th of a second. This now means I can hand hold almost every shot plus I don't have to worry about e.g. photographing scenery on a windy day. May I suggest you test a fast fixed lens lens and see what the differences are.


December 05, 2016

beautiful images :)


December 05, 2016

Yes, it's a very good lens. I shot some great images at different sport events with it and I was very pleased with the results. Good luck with your uploads.


December 05, 2016

I also bought a Nikon DX 1.8 35mm fixed lens, and believe me, I shoot everything I can with those, what a quality! I know how you feel :)
Never had a rejection with those lens. Many of them are online out of the gamera, they dont need correction.


December 05, 2016

Hello Nigel,
I also shoot with the 18-200 Nikon lens on my D200. Proper technique is needed to get the best out of it. I shoot at f/6.7 at wide angle and f/8 at the upper end. Also, careful focus ( central focus point only! ) and good stability ( tripod in lower light ). Most of my photos get accepted.
On another topic. Will be going to NZ late January for 3 weeks. Hope the road will be repaired from Christchurch to Kaikura because I have hotel reservations in both towns! Also, hope to get some good photos and will probably submit a few to Dreamstime amongst the thousands that are already there!
Take care, Babar760