1% Free = 100 Hike in Overall Downlods

Today, I'd like to give some followup on my "Free Images Section" experiment …

A few days ago I took the plunge, and started to identify some images that have not made any sales on, and also had not really generated many hits in terms of views … Over the past few weeks [in fact 10 days to be accurate] - the number of hits on those images have been mind blowing …

I've started by selecting … 1% of the images from my overall portfolio database.

That one percent of images selected have generated almost 900 hits over the 10 progressive days that I've been releasing the images. [I did not release them all on the same day, so as to spread them thru the pages in the free section]

Additionally — I've had almost the same number of downloads effected off those 5 free images that I have donated, as I've had in almost a year and a quarter as a submitting photographer.

Now — if these hits are going to generate any other interest in other "paid for" images, I suppose I'll need to wait a bit longer to be able to determine, well to the best of my guesses anyhow.

At first I was not too sure if I was pleased with the result achieved, as why then could those downloads not have been realized before the images were released into the free section? I guess it's gotta boil down the age old factor that everybody likes stuff for free …

Even me! If I go back and look at the number of images that I have collected off the free section, for no purpose other than to have an interesting refreshment to my active screen saver. "you know — the one that references off a predetermined folder of images".

My conclusion to this little experiment:

It's a good thing …

At the end of the day … we all get something out of that Free Section.

More guys & gals should be donating there goods there, more frequently! — And not just the crummy pics from your porti, take the same plunge and send the ones that you cherish, and see who else does also.

For a quick reference to the images that I've posted there to date:

Photo credits: Patrick Allen.

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