1 month.....1 agency

In just 1 month , I will downsize to only 1 microstock agency, Dreamstime.

I have submitted over the past 2 1/2 years to approximately 8 different agencies and somehow always begin with Dreamstime when I start to upload new images.

I began my process about a month ago by downsizing to 3 different agencies, each with their own unique portfolio. I have since deleted the one with the next largest amount of images and will soon have the last of them closed.

In narrowing down what I want to do with my computer time, I have decided this is best. This will allow me to be more productive and build my portfolio to a larger extent. I can have all exclusive images and provide my models with the knowledge that they are safe with one agency.

Also , designers looking for exclusive images can browse my portfolio and know this is the only agency where they are available.

Photo credits: Stepanov.

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May 28, 2008


I agree.. it just got too out of hand.. after years to build up your portfoilo here, it just makes it easier and more "stable"..
Keep at it and build...
The only person that can make you succeed is you.

May 04, 2008


thank you very much

May 04, 2008


you have a nice portfolio - best of luck here on DT

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