1 more approval needed ........for the big 50 !!!! Arrrrrrg !!!!!!

Anxious !!!!! That is what I am feeling ..... I hate it, I love it, I live it !!!!! All I need is one more approval and maybe, just maybe, Exclusivity ????? Its been 3 days and still in line for the opportunity to choose to be part of this Stock community exclusively. Is anyone else feeling this feeling that I am feeling .....

Photo credits: Cafebeanz Company.

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Hey Demetrio

Thanks for adding my photo to your favorites collection! Really appreciate it!
I really enjoy your Chicago collection too. )


Hahahahhaaha !!!!!!! I think my teeth are falling out too .....


lmao, keep doing this and you'll go bald !!!


As I look down at my fist full of hair from my scalp, I just wanted to thank everyone that has commented on this thread ....


i find it less frustrating and more rewarding to simply upload your work to Dreamstime, and then forget about it.
don't even bother checking for approvals or rejections. just go back to work at making more images to upload.
this way you conserve your momentum, optimism , and most importantly , you direct your energy to where it matters most... ie. creating your images.
i only come into Dreamstime for three things:
1) check my money earned from downloads
2) upload new works
3) write a blog, OR add comments like this to spread the goodwill and encouragement.

the rest, i consider inconsequential, i don't bother... as it is wasted energy,
as i have better things to do :)


the keyword is "patience" ..good luck


Good luck :)


Great!! Hope it comes soon! Best of luck with exclusivity :)


LOL! I experienced the exact same thing. I got a bunch of photos accepted, and they stopped at 49. GRRR I finally got the 50th one, and I'm sure you will too. It's just a matter of time.


Thanks Kelley !!!!! You have great pix, just took a peek. :)


Hi! I'm in Chicago too! I moved here in August 2009.

Welcome to DT, and I am SURE you will get your 50th photo and exclusivity status. The name of the game in stock photography is patience. You have to be patient figuring out what sells, patient waiting for your first few sales, and patient waiting for approvals. But, in the long run, it's always worth it. This is a wonderful community, and I am sure you will find lots of support and excellent advice.

Keep us updated on the status of your exclusivity!!! Happy Sales!

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