When 1-s turn to 0-s

...and today it happened... the thing we afraid most in the digital age - when ones become zeros. In other words - losing data on your hard drive.

What happened: i just uninstalled a small program that changed my desktop wallpapers automatically. A bit later when accessing my photos catalog that contained more than 6 month photos (jpg-s and not yet processed raw files) i discovered that all folders were totally empty. Well.. not only the photos catalog, THE WHOLE PARTITION OF THE DRIVE was erased, only empty folders everywhere were left (lost all my music, movies, software installation files and photos). I could recover only about 15% of lost data. All other files were completely deleted or broken.

Files that are converted from raw's to jpg-s, i always write onto 2 DVD discs. But now when i've been very busy, i did not have time to write them on discs.

So, i got my lesson. Now I'm looking for a good (quality, but not very expensive) hard drive to where i can back-up the data that has not yet written to DVDs.

I'd really appreciate if you share which external hard drives you use - what you suggest, what not, which ones have crashed soon?

Photo credits: Risto Hunt.

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October 04, 2009


Ouch, sorry about that. I would be highly annoyed if I lost my work. I've noticed the number of images of hard drive interiors here on DT and wondered if they are all crashed drives. Really makes you think.

October 04, 2009


BTW I never had a drive crash when I was using IDE but since I started to use SATA I have changed 3!!! (No lose of info thank God).
One more advise, don't use the same drive of storage where you do DVD ripping and converting! I don't know why but the cache of goes wrong & cause bad clusters!

October 04, 2009


I use an external HD "Western Digital" of 350 GB before I arrange them in DVD's.
Even so I make 2 copies of the important stuff!
Can you imagine to loose the layers of a site you have made!
It's a disaster to loose hours of work!
I never used recovery programs but I know that there are ones that recover even formated HD! Search google...

October 04, 2009


You've made me think. I back up only every three months onto another hard drive kept 500 miles away. Clearly the 3 month interval needs reducing. I really feel for you. If it happens to me I will go into a depression. David.

October 04, 2009


First of really sorry to know about it. We learn the hard way, I went through it before.
I guess you can still recover the data. You have the following options, Applicable for Windows only

1. Use this recovery software EASEUS Data Recovery this is one of the best Im using it since I lost my data before and was able to recover the deleted partition as well. Don't install this on the drive you lost files.

2. Use Acronis True Image this is one of the best restore and back up software. I use this and schedule regular back ups so its very easy to restore your entire partition on a fly.

I use 1TB seagate and 1TB Western Digital, touchhood both are working fine and are very reliable. And a third 500GB Western Digital EHD which I use mostly in my laptop bag.

I use Good Sync software to backup from local hard drive to external hard drive, using good sync its easy to sync both destination its very fast, also can schedule.

Storing in DVD didnt quite work well for me. Try the first option to recover the lost data you still have chances to recover many more files. Hope this will help you.

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