1 year and almost 100 bucks. Share your starting experience

OK! I am here on DT already 1 full year. It was interesting starting time. For that period I've earned almost 100 bucks with 339 photos, it's not bad and not so good, therefore I've stuck at 96$ :) So first one hundred goal is not completed yet.

So, what do you earned in first year on Dreamstime? And how much photos did you had in your portfolio in that period (first year). Share your starting experience here!

Photo credits: Aleksandrs Kosarevs.

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September 30, 2010



September 30, 2010


Congratulations on your first year.
I've been here also a year, I've got 277 photos online, sold 252 and I'm just about to reach 400$. I'm exclusive with DT which helps a lot.

September 29, 2010


I almost hit 1100 images online in my first year, and reached about $1,500 in sales... Congrats on your first year!

September 29, 2010


Congratulations.....IT will be $100 soon...as for me its been 6 months, 217 files, 68 sales and $127!!!!

September 29, 2010


Congrats! You can read my blog for my experience. Maybe useful for you.

o Reached my first payout
o My Road to 200 a month


September 29, 2010



September 29, 2010


Congratulations ! I'm here 9 months. 233 images. 75 sales. 145$

September 29, 2010


That´s a great milestone! Congratulations! :)

September 29, 2010


It's a good help to know about other's experience in sales, uploads, etc. I think a general shedule would be a nice tool in dreams...
I'm only here since four months, still $18, 100 uploads

September 29, 2010



September 29, 2010


Great job so far! I still have almost 2 months to go till my 1 year celebration , so I hope I will get as far as you got!
Good luck and congratulations!

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