Almost 1 year and 2$ away from my first payout!

I started with Dreamstime 1 year ago July 7th and I am only 2$ away from my first payout. My most recent pictures are of my puppy Bailey. Wish me luck!

© Asklar
© Asklar
© Asklar

Photo credits: Alexa Sklar.

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hey, ITS DEBBIE!!! remember me?? LOVE your dog!! I want to buy a copy of your relax picture..trying to figure it out!!:) email me if you want..


Good luck, Alexa! Nice portfolio! Only few minutes now for your first payment!


Cool! Just to sell one or few more pics and/or just a few more image acceptances (seeing that you are an exclusive photographer like me ;) )


Good luck and hey better days are coming, just keep uploading.
Cheers ;)


Good luck! :0)

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