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Almost 1 year and 2$ away from my first payout!

I started with Dreamstime 1 year ago July 7th and I am only 2$ away from my first payout. My most recent pictures are of my puppy Bailey. Wish me luck!

© Asklar
© Asklar
© Asklar

Photo credits: Alexa Sklar.

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August 23, 2009


hey, ITS DEBBIE!!! remember me?? LOVE your dog!! I want to buy a copy of your relax picture..trying to figure it out!!:) email me if you want..

July 02, 2009


Good luck, Alexa! Nice portfolio! Only few minutes now for your first payment!

July 01, 2009


Cool! Just to sell one or few more pics and/or just a few more image acceptances (seeing that you are an exclusive photographer like me ;) )

July 01, 2009


Good luck and hey better days are coming, just keep uploading.
Cheers ;)

July 01, 2009


Good luck! :0)

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