$10,000 earned to date: lessons learned

In May 2009 I joined DT after meeting another photographer who said he earned $480 per month on micro stock sites. It was sometime after I joined before I knew what I was doing.................... even now there's much to learn. The feedback from editors is probably the most valuable aspect of micro stock. If you listen and learn your photography should improve.

I made so many mistakes to start with submitting too many images and damaging for ever my acceptance ratio. Thinking landscape was more significant than it really is. Not understanding concept images. Not looking hard enough at successful images and ones which have high sales.

On the positive side there were only 8 million images to chose from in 2009 ............. now there are almost 28 million......... this means chances of your image being bought is much lower now than it was when I started.

On the other hand now my images are probably of higher quality and more related to the market place.

$10,000 sounds a lot and it does mean your work is commercially acceptable. But for me it is not profit. Deduct cost of cameras and lenses and cost of travelling to venues...... eg horse trials, highland games, agricultural shows, motormania and so on the profit is really a loss.

However suppose you become a wedding photographer and charge for your work or you mount and sell your prints then working with Dreamstime will have transformed your life.

Before 2009 I used to attend camera clubs where an expert would critique your images often leaving you depressed. Joining DT transforms the situation ................ when somebody buys your work you know it isn't rubbish and if they keep on buying that's a happy situation.

This blog is written primarily for newbies; those who have been here as long as me will know the pluses and minuses already.

Happy shooting........... above all else enjoy your photography.

Portrait of bride and groom in the park

Photo credits: David Watmough.

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December 11, 2014


Congratulations, David!

December 05, 2014


Thanks for sharing your POV. I agree there are so many more images to pick from which can cause issues. And now everyone seems to have a camera as well...
Quality though will always be king. And by doing stock, you really do improve.

December 05, 2014


Thanks and congratulations!

December 04, 2014



December 04, 2014


Thanks David, you make some good points.

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