10 cool tips if you're new on Dreamstime


Since I'm new here I decided to write a little article about what to take into account when you create your account on Dreamstime. This is my first ever so I learned a lot in the process.

1. After you've created an account, which is the easy part, and can start uploading photos, you still have to fill out some information about yourself in order to be ok. When you're online, you're gonna see a message written in a red colour in the top right hand corner. Click on that and you have to fill in info about your payments and adress and stuff. This is personal and I can't really get into a lot of details because it really depends on each person - whether you're an individual or business, from the U.S. or not. Don't worry. Dreamstime has a wonderful, well organized document about it to help guide you along the way.

2. FTP upload works faster than simple Upload images and you can upload a lot more photos at once.

3. Make sure you upload photos of great quality since this is a factor that can make or break your photos. If the photo is not very well focused or is shaken, it will be refused. The cool thing about this is that the website provides feedback for every photo they decline, so you learn a lot in the process. But do try to select only good images because in the end it will affect your acceptance ratio, which is important.

4. When uploading a series of photos of the same subject, try to select just a few and not too many. The photo will get repetitive and some may be refused on this account.

5. Keywords, keywords, keywords. Use them, be generous but relevant and try al least 20-25 per image. It really helps.

6. Search for popular images on Dreamstime. It can help you figure out what sells best and what people are looking for. Don't copy. Just be inspired.

7. You will be able to get paid only when you reach the sum of 100 $. That's when you can make a payment request.

8. You can become an exclusive photographer with Dreamstime only after you've made your first payment request. I know. I was a bit sad to find that out.

9. Find a niche. I hear it's much easier to just focus on a particular area to make you identifiable for that certain thing and much easier to take photos of just one thing - food for example. I'm a foodie.

10. Write blog articles. It helps know people, interact, have fun and maybe help someone at the same time.

Hope you enjoyed this and good luck everyone!



Eggs Benedict

Photo credits: Cristina Mehedinteanu.

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good info thanks


That's very good for everyone,thanks.


thanks Cristina.. :)


Congrats Treefrogkid! Good luck to you and thank u!


Just had my first two submissions approved! As a new contributor, I found your article most helpful!

(I agree that it is great that Dreamstime gives feedback!)


very good article


Very useful! Thank you! ;)


Hi Christina

I have been with Dreamstime for a few years now but found your tips to be very helpful….thank you!

I enjoyed looking at your photos-they are awesome!


Useful article, wish you luck and good sales:)




You're welcome Frogylagal!


Thank you very much Martingraf!


Thank you so much for the heads-up. I really appreciate it.


looking at your portfolio made me go to the fridge and look for some nice food :) wish you many sales here on DT :)


You're welcome Annebradley. Glad I could help!


Thank you Cristina. I am still very much a novice and your advice and tips are great.


Hi Bobbrooky. Thank u very much. Made my day! Good luck to you too.


I would just like to say, well done Cristina! Ive been here nearly four years now, and practical advice like this would have helped me a great deal when I started. You have made a great start, my best wishes and good luck for the future.


Hi Misshappiness. Thank u. I don't use a tool. I didn't think of searching for one. Do you know any? I just use what's more relevant for the photos I upload and I have done a little research on DT about food photos, that is, I looked at other photographers what they have chosen as key words. Hope this helps.


Hi Cristina,

thanks for your cool tips on this hot summer day - they are very helpful.

When it comes to keywords: Do you use a keyword tool to find the best ones? If yes, which?

Thank you very much & happy day


I was able to become exclusive after having 50 images accepted.


Hi Ujjaldey. In answer to your question. I first joined Dreamstime last July (2014) and I put in a request to have exclusive status soon after I think - and was accepted soon after. Within the first 2 months at least. Maybe the rules have been changed since...don't know. All the best Jenny


Congratulations on your quality images.The blog is helpfull and interesting.Thanks for sharing.


Jenny...what time you became exclusive? I tried asking the support folks one month back and even they responded saying ...it can be done only after first payment....
Cristina...very helpful tips..


Hi Debratos. I suggest using natural light for food photos. It's what I do. I take photos in the morning or late afternoon, never at lunch. And look for the golden hour, online. It's the best time. I haven't used the app. I'm not sure how or if the acceptance rate affects your sales. I just thought it's important.


I don't think there's such a thing as too many food photographers because everyone brings something new to the table and a new perspective. And food is very sought for and will always be. Plus, there's so many different types of dishes and exotic products that can be valuable. And this is just a hobby for me, I cook on a daily basis, and I just though of trying to sell here what photos I already have. It just so happens that they are all with food. I don't intend to become a millionaire. :) But thank you for your comments. I think it just saved me months of research and maybe I will start uploading some other types of photos as well. So thanks.


Thank you all for writing and nice meeting you! :)


Nice introduction to the process and your pictures made me hungry! :)


I typed in FOOD and got over 4 million photos! What are the odds that someone will find your photo? 1 in 4 million. Not so good odds. Photograph things or objects that nobody wants to photograph! Hope this stirs some of you in the right direction.


Too many food photographers! You can hope to only sell a few images a year. If you photograph what other photographers love to photograph ( your children,sports,flowers and food) you will never make enough money to cover even meager expenses. Just keep it as a hobby and don't think about making money.
P.S. Go to the Dreamstime search bar and type in FOOD and see how many pages there are.

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