10 DT photographers that inspired me (positively)

So Glad that I am one of DT photographers. On DT you can find a lot of great photos, illustrations or event computer generated images.

They are all greats.

I love simplicity, cleanest photos or illustrations, and here are my top 10 list of photographer that inspired me to create great photos/illustrations/computer generated images:

1. Assignments

He is a Dreamstime.com Agency, that is true. But his photo collections are shows of the best quality. And I like his images very much.

2. Iofoto

His huge collections of photo portfolio really amazed for me. 100% Portfolio exposure is another proof of his expertise.

3. Kjpargeter

This is what I call amazing sales, look at the over 20000 sales he made

4. Freezingpictures

Iceberg, snow and Penguin, well it's all about cool territory. You can see Arctic through his camera.

5. Yuri_Arcurs

I love his models photo collections, it's very expressive and fresh looking.

6. Andresr

Another WOW sales, more than 35000 sales, and 70% Portfolio exposure? This dude got everything I have ever dreamed of.

7. Motadacruz

Actually his website promotographer.com is very good, to help others DT photographers sell their photos.

8. Forgiss

well... i just like his style ;) very much

9. Indiansummer

Objects, macro, nature, architecture, abstract, people, digital art, graphic design and rendering works, very skillful person.

10. Fintastique

His skyscraper images are very clear and fantastic.

And how about you? Any inspiring photographer should I add here?

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June 26, 2013


Me too I'm glad I am one of DT photographers!Do you like my portofolio?I have just 66 sales...But I have hope in the future will by better and more sales:)And I like your list!:)

October 22, 2008



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