10 most used stock illustrations

If you want to create a flyer or a children's book, or you just want an icon to illustrate a button on your website, stock illustrations offer you a wide range of possibilities and elements that you can mix together to create unique designs or use them as they are.

This wide range I'm referring to is a never ending cycle, beginning with simple patterns inspired from old, vintage materials, or architecture and continuing with modern age technology influences such as icons and infographics.


Hearts & flowers nature pattern

Patterns can be seen everywhere: in nature, web design, interiors and architecture. In design, patterns have a large applicability from textiles to paper wrapping, from wedding invitations to notebook covers. The role of a pattern is to decorate and make the object visually more pleasant.

Some patterns are quite intricate and complicated to make, that's why ready made stock illustrations will save your time. They can be used as they are, as a simple background or you can create a new one.

Icons, buttons and infographics

Infographic tools and business vector graphics elements

Web buttons are probably the most used web design elements, this is the reason there is a big request for them. They come in many sizes, types, colors and formats, usually in sets. It's indicated to use the vector format of an illustration, especially if you are going to modify the size or the color of it and you don't want the resolution to be damaged.

E-commerce Icons Set

Lately, the usage of infographics has increased. Infographics sets include more than simple graphs and they are very easy to use by designers. They are used for visual representations of statistics, researches or presentations. The elements can be used separately. This applies for both web buttons and icons.

One of the advantages of a buttons set or icons set is that you can use a single image for a certain project, like a website, and another one for a different purpose, such as an app. Another advantage is the coherence style that gives some kind of unity in your design.

Water color painting

Stock illustrations are not just some simple colored vector shapes with minor changes, they can also be seen as beautiful artworks, used to decorate galleries and walls. Also, you can add a certain painting effect to a vector file.

Vector pattern with flowers and plants. Floral decor. Original floral seamless background

The advantage of this is that you can use the vector format and increase the resolutions without having any distortions.

Cartoon illustrations

Cartoon illustrations involve many styles and different technique such as retro, sketches, manga, free hand and so on. They are perfect for children's story books, and even for vibrant and dynamic web designs. The usage of bright bold color palettes that attract attention is recommended.

Kids biking at the woods

Abstract and effects

Hipster geometric background made of cubes.Retro hipster color m

Abstract backgrounds are either made with straight shapes or with swirls and curves, and they will always be used. The first kind of straight shapes has a tendency of growth lately. Also this technique of triangles and polygons of all sizes and colors are used to create a multifaceted design. It is often applied to shape objects.

Polygonal fruits

Another effect that is often used nowadays is to over pixelate the image. A great example is the upcoming Norwegian banknotes in 2017.

Lifestyle illustrations

Women having coffee

Lifestyle illustrations requires a lot of time and work. Usually they are used in magazines or articles for women. These kinds of illustrations were early adopters, starting from the fashion industry all the way to bakeries and sunglasses shops.

Letter and messages

If you are designing a newsletters for a holiday or a message for your client, stock photography will offer you a lot of predefined templates that you can adapt and use. Especially those with a seasonal touch.

Happy birthday horizontal cards

If you want to go more personal, you can download sets of letters and compose your own text.

Pattern letters

In conclusion, stock illustrations are not just simple lines and colored shapes made for easy money, they are more than that. First of all the simplicity of editing the content to fit designs and the time saving factor are more than enough reasons to use these kinds of resources. They can be easily used to highlight your designs and to transmit a message in the same time. Last but not least, don't forget that the vector illustrations are resolution free,which means that you can print them at any scale you want.

Photo credits: Aliasching, Dannyphoto80, Macrovector, Mpfphotography, Nenilkime, Olga Vernardou, Pridumala, Viktoriia Protsak, Zsemlee.

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I have contacted Dreamstime twice and received no response. I signed up for a free trial and realized the licensing terms don't fit my needs. I also contacted one artist to get the licensing rights I would need and no response! I then went into my account to cancel and you had charged me $51 before the trial even expired, which is not what the terms stated. I'm requesting a refund and cancel the subscription, I have no intention of downloading or using any files past the trial as they are useless; and the trial had not expired. I hope someone will provide some attention to this matter, thank you.

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