10 photogaraphy tips

Photography is passion, love everything for me, I keep on studying about it and here are some tips which I want to share with all my friends.........

1. The first and last hour of the day are the best times to shoot. Look for golden-coloured light and string shadows that define form.

2. Move about, climb up, crouch down. Just standing there with your zoom lens only gives you the boring angles.

3. Think about composition. "What does this picture show? Are all elements in the frame necessary to show it? Is your subject clear an conceptually evident from the image?" If you can't answer positively to these questions, something is probably wrong. Photography is all about leaving stuff out of reality using your viewfinder. (as opposed to painting which is about putting stuff in a frame)

4. Don't amputate your subject unless you know what you're doing. Include full body, or clip at bust level.

5. With people don't shoot them with the light in their eyes. They frown and they look ugly.

6. Use props or shoot people occupied with something. It takes a professional model to just pose there and not look awkward.

7. Don't shoot in harsh mid-day light. It casts ugly shadows under the eyes, nose and chin. If you must, have your subject turn their head at an oblique angle to the light, so that the face is lighted well, but still avoiding direct eye contact with the light source (see above)

8. It might sound strange, but overcast days are great for photography. Clouds diffuse the light and spread it out evenly. Less shadow, so less form, but easier to get overall good lighting. After the rain it's usually even better, with a clearer atmosphere.

9. The sky is always much brighter than anything else. Unless you use a filter, expect it to be washed white.

10. In most cases, avoid centering things. Think of an imaginary tic-tac-toe grid in the frame and try to separate areas in thirds (tic-tac-toe lines) and put subjects off-center (tic-tac-toe squares) One third from right, one third from top is the location that gets the most immediate attention - this is a psychological thing (think about where the face of the newscaster is in the evening news on tv)

Photo credits: Picfest.


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December 14, 2008


Great, thanks for sharing this information

December 14, 2008


Brief and useful! Thank you for the tips!

December 13, 2008


Nice tips to follow. I will add this, when editing people try not to crop at any joints.

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