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With the need to keep costs to a minimum in the stock photography world, good models that will work for nothing or close to it are extremely desirable. When you find a good stock photography model you'll certainly know it but here are some traits to watch for:

10 Traits of a Good Stock Photography Model

1. They are willing to work for kibble.

2. When you say "sit", they sit. No whining, no lip.

3. They are naturally cute and adorable. Let's face it cute sells.

4. They don't give the photographer any grief over wardrobe choices.

5. They show up on time and don't try to charge you for mileage.

6. They don't fret about bad hair days, wrinkles or makeup.

7. Even when they are having a bad day they remain professional and are willing to work.

8. They are good actors who can really get into character.

9. They jump at any chance to model.

10. They can make one melt with just one look.

Thanks to my top models Tiki, Ginny and Max!

Photo credits: Peanutroaster.

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June 01, 2012



June 01, 2012


Great blog.Your white dog looks like mine.

May 09, 2012


Great blog, great images. COngratulations.

May 09, 2012


Thanks for sharing! I wish cats were good models!

May 08, 2012


Fab shots!

May 08, 2012


Nicely said, and such cute models :)

May 08, 2012


Thanks, Tiki the Westie knows that flashing lights means - "cookie". Good thing he doesn't hang out with that snobby WC crowd.

May 08, 2012


I hope your fabulous little Westie got EXTRA kibbles for dressing in that tutu ... adorable, but what will they say at the Westminster Club?

May 08, 2012


Lovely models and very nice blog!

May 08, 2012


Wonderful stuff! Very funny (and also true)..... It is a shame not all models with work for kibble......

May 08, 2012


They're all lovely, but the white (Tiki?) is a natural!

May 08, 2012


Congratulations your pictures are well done, send lots of love and sweetness, it will be because I love dogs and cats!

May 07, 2012


Hilarious and... cute!

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