10 years on Dreamstime

I have realized that 10 years has passed since I have joined Dreamstime. It was on August the 1st 2009. I read about micro stock photography on internet and in magazines and decided to try my luck. I signed up to Dreamstime. After completing procedure and uploading 3 photos I received positive answer. My request was confirmed. Then I looked around and realized that there are so many photos of everything and gave up. But one of these 3 photos was sold 6 years later:

Old Wall

First sale

In february 2011 I spent few days in Opatija sea resort in Croatia. It was cold but the air was clean and one morning I took some nice photos of Maiden with the Seagull, symbol of Opatija. I searched through database and thought that there were not so many photos of this cute sea resort and mine were really nice. I uploaded few of them. They were accepted and one was sold soon after.

Girl with Seagull

Becoming exclusive contributor

I started uploading and struggling with refusals. In 2012 I sold some photos but it wasn't much. My income was far below 100 US. At the and I came to conclusion that it doesn't have much sense to upload to different stock agencies. It would be better to stay exclusive contributor at only one agency and Dreamstime looked most friendly of all of them. In 2013 I had enough photos accepted. I applied for status of exclusive contributor and my application was accepted. Soon sales went up. I was selling photos of tourist places but also of nature and agriculture.


In december 2013 I decided to try luck with assignements. The topic was night light. I sent night photo of railway bridge and before assignement ended it was sold.

Night Under The Bridge

Extended Licences

In 2014 big surprise came: finally I received first EL sale. $28 for view on Kvarner gulf from Opatija:

Girl with seagull

Same year I sold the rights for photo of nice bunch of grapes for 180 US. I can't show the photo because it is not available anymore. This was my only SR-EL sale. It would be nice to have more like theese.

Mayor's Campaign

In 2014 I sold some photos from my hometown. I found some of them on web pages of local companies but they were also used in advertising campaign of our new mayor on local elections. I was really happy. About the photos, not the mayor.

Night View Of Blue Railway Bridge in Maribor

Videos and Illustrations

All these events were inspiration for me and from time to time I tried something new. I love taking photos of nature, arhitecture and street and night photography. But I also tried portraits and still life.

I tried to make some videos and illustrations. It was more because of couriosity how it will look like and I didn't really have any expectations. That's why I was really surprised when my first illustration was sold. It was subscription sale of simple drawing of little white flowers on blue background:

White Flowers on Blue Background

Sometimes such small things make me so happy. But to make some serious sales I should put more work into it and learn how to work with software for illustrators.

Searching For Photos

In autumn 2017 Dreamstime sent to contributors request with list of places from their country buyers are looking for. I have checked the list and I had no photos. But I started visiting these places and taking photos. Recently I have checked out how successfull I was: some of them were sold. I haven't earned much money but it was just enough to encourage me to continue. Most of sold photos were from Prekmurje, region in eastern Slovenia.

Morning in Lendavske Gorice, Slovenia

Writing blogs

Finally it has occured to me that photos are fine but to give complete picture of some place or event I should write something about it and I wrote my first blog. It was about Kurentovanje, ethnic carnival in Ptuj. I love Ptuj and its festivals and writing blog about it was real pleasure for me. I don't know how much sales generated this blog but before next carnival I saw some increase in sales.

When I look back I can't say that I have earned lots of money with stock photography. To earn more money it would be necessarily to take more serious apporach to photography. But since I am amateur photograph this would take too much time. At the end I can only say that I am quite satisfied with my work.

Photo credits: Andreja Tominac.

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December 12, 2019


I absolutely agree with that. Thanks.

December 11, 2019


  Hi Andrejat, I visited Opatia few years ago, spent a few days there and loved it. Also Croatia in general. I have quite a few photos on DT from that trip. You are right, most people here are not professional photographers. I do it for fun and it gives my photography hobby a goal. Having a picture up there between the million others and more importantly viewed by who knows how many is a great feeling. Also when every few days there is a sale, I consider this a great compliment to my work. Somebody out there is willing to pay for it, even if just cents. It proves it has value at least for some. nCongratulation and keep up the good work

December 06, 2019


Lovely photo's Andreja.

December 04, 2019


I enjoyed your story about your 10 years anniversary. Congrats!

December 03, 2019


Just keep going. With time you will get more and more practice and more and more new ideas. And sales will come. I didn't earn much at the beginning either. This is good topic for another blog.nOr you can follow good advices such as Eti Swinford's blog https://www.dreamstime.com/blog/how-i-made-my-first-100-000-dreamstime-52960 if you have time and will. It would be good at least to practice every day. I'm too lazy to do that.

December 01, 2019


Thank you for sharing.  you give me some inspiration!  I am not a professional photographer,  Photographer has been huge passion of mine,   I joined Dreamstime few years ago,  with local camping pics, nature, animals, and well i haven't quite found my niche of what topics i thoroughly enjoy yet.   Any suggestions? I did make 4 sales... one was for 2.20, the others .58 cents.Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.thank youLila Kate

December 01, 2019


I think that photography is hobby for majority of contributors here. We have regular jobs that have nothing to do with photography. My first sales were: 0.35 (may 2011), 1.62, 1.43, 0.35, 0.35, 0.35, 0.35, 0.42, 1.44, 2.29 (january 2012). That's less then $10. But I didn't give up because I love photography. With time portfolio was bigger and bigger and there was more and more sales. Most of them are still $0.42 subscriptions but from time to time I receive credit sale for several dollars. My best selling photo has 152 sales and I earned more then 200 dollars with it. But I still have relativelly small portfolio. For some serious earnings it should be bigger with better quality and diversity.

November 30, 2019


So, I am curioius....what do you guys make on the sales....I have only uploaded about 40 pics in several years....2 of my pics were sold for a total of  84cents...I am not a professional, but love photography as a hobby. I am a middle school teacher so a lot of my photos are taken in the summer. ....Any ideas ?

November 30, 2019


Thank you for your kind comments.

November 29, 2019


Great portfolio.

November 28, 2019


Congrats on 10 years mine will be in May 2020...all that persistence pays off...well done!!

November 28, 2019


congratulations on ten year anniversary :) 

November 28, 2019


Big congratulations on the ten year anniversary Andreja and a good blog, describing your time here.

November 28, 2019


Nice! Congratulations for your milestone!

November 27, 2019


Congrats! Hitting and tracking milestones on DT is a lot of fun!

November 27, 2019


Hi Andreja. I enjoyed reading about your experience experimenting with stock submissions through Dreamstime. It was honest and little funny. Thanks for sharing :)

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