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16 months, 342 pictures uploaded, 100 downloads, 51 dollars gained. It is not a great score, I still insist doing it.

egg, egg, eggs..., that's the result I have to met most of the days. If my pictures are not so popular, I must ask why.

As an total amateur, I should love to take pictures, to choose the topic I like. But by and by, there is a little change, I realize have only thought for microstock, I no longer to take pictures, I make them. So, I decide to divide myself in two, one is for myself, I take pictures I like, and the other is for money, if the market need them. So, it make me comfortable, I can sleep well. Don't think about too much money if you just an amateur. If your picture cannot move yourself, it cannot move the buyer.

Thank you.

Photo credits: Photoexpress.

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November 21, 2011



November 17, 2011



November 16, 2011


Thank you very much for all, I will insist uploading and see what will happen next.
Best wishes to us all!

November 16, 2011


Congrats! Keep working!

November 16, 2011


Insightful !

November 16, 2011



November 16, 2011


Not much to show off, but slightly better performance here. 60$/200 online/80 downloads. My pics are not at all superconceptual and some are not of superb professional quality, but i guess the performance is better as i upload by portions. I have a feeling to see higer number of views/downloads when you add few new images everyday, vs all at once. Maybe the system rewards your being active and takes you higher in search results, or it might be that you more often appear in "new uploads" list and customers look at your portfolio more often... not sure how it works, but i feel it does.. Wishing you lots of sales!

November 16, 2011



November 16, 2011


Congratulation ... If you apply for being exclusive, your earning must be much more. With the same amount of uploaded picture, I have got about $200 in total for the same amount of sales. Good luck. Your portfolio is great.

November 16, 2011



November 16, 2011



November 15, 2011


Hold on to your dreams!
You are the best!

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