100 files online!

I have finally reached 100 files online. 113 as I write this blog! Looking at the numbers some of you have, sometimes I wonder when I will ever be able to make it that far. Then again, I did reach 100 from 0!

In little over three months, stock photography has gone from something I read in the magazine to something I experience in daily life. It certainly does not feel remote anymore. The selection and submission process seems to be long, and waiting for judgment seems to be even longer. But through the process, I learned to look at my pictures in different ways, and learned to be more careful and selective in both taking the picture as well as selecting the pictures.

For years, I have been a plant and flower person. It is not easy but I am glad some of my flower and plant pictures were selected by DT.

I started to look into new topics and venture in new directions of photography. I stepped out of my comfort zone to try some new things and enjoyed it. I started to picture people in different ways once I started to submit pictures with people.

I finally got proper model releases that did not miss any important details!

Thanks for all of those who have been supportive through my learning process and all of you who chose my pictures! It is fun!

Photo credits: , Jinlide.

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November 29, 2008


Thank you!

November 28, 2008



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