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100 images online.... cool

The day my 90 images were online, i was so excited that i could not wait to see 100th one approved.

The day, my 100th image was approved, i was really excited so thought of writting a blog.

© Nspals

My 100th image.

The journey of uploading of 100 images was exciting as well as depressing, as for a week my account was suspended because of some keywording mistake.

But as soon as i corrected it my account was started again. I was relieved and now looking forward for clicking good images.

© Abpics
© Nspals
© Nspals

But, now, i wish for my 100TH SALE. hope that will be soon.

Photo credits: Arun Bhargava, Neha Bhargava.

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May 26, 2010


keyword mistake? How does that happen? I mean if there is something that I should know, its better to be cautious so that I won't commit the same mistake.

February 10, 2009


ongratulations!! good luck with sales

February 09, 2009


Congratulations - good luck with your future sales!

February 09, 2009


thanks everyone and yeah this image is from the previous assignment

February 09, 2009


good luck with the sales

February 08, 2009


congrats, wasnt that one pic in DT assignment.......

February 08, 2009


Nice pics! Congratulations and good luck!

February 08, 2009


Congratulations, and good luck with the sales.

February 08, 2009


Congratulations! Keep uploading and wish you many more hundreds and thousands of uploads and downloads.

February 08, 2009


Congratulations, and good luck with the sales.

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