100 Images Online At Last...

Well... that took a LOT longer than I thought it would. When I started out at the end of 2008, I worked out upload schedules, and thought that I'd be up to 100 uploads per week by now. However, as I'm sure is true for many, life has a habit of getting in the way (or as John Lennon apparently said 'Life is what happens while you're making plans').

So today is a milestone for me. I finally have 100 images in my portfolio, and I thought I'd write my first blog just to give a few tips and reassurances to those who are just beginning.

1. Don't take rejections personally. Learn from them. They will help you to improve your work by strengthening your weaknesses (and there's no shame in weaknesses - everyone has them, until they strengthen them).

2. Be patient with the review process - it takes as long as it takes. Use the time while you're waiting to create and upload more pictures.

3. If you don't get sales for a while, don't worry. If the reviewers have accepted your images, then you should be feeling good that you've passed the quality test. Sales will come when they come, just keep going, keep learning and keep uploading.

As St Patrick's Day isn't far away... I'll end this with one of my shamrocks, and wish you all good luck :)

Photo credits: Frannyanne.

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Thanks so much everyone :) Ampyang, that's lovely to hear, thank you! Congrats to Creativei also! :)


Congraaaaaats!! I love your knitting needles. See u on your 1000 :)


Congrats and good luck!


Congrats, may the next 100 be online soon :)


Congratulations! Keep the uploads coming!


Thanks everyone! Now I know why people write these blogs. It's so lovely to get all these good vibes from others. :)

Good luck everyone. I wish you all great success.


Congrats, I know how it feels, I just went through that phase.




brilliant!! good luck with sales and the next batch!


Congratulations!!!! I'll send you a shamrock back!

Here it is:


Congratulations Frannyanne ;)

try to add another (0) as soon!


Congrats, that must b a great feelingf.

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